Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th September 2023 Episode 253

Episode 253

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Sahiba talks to her parents and tells them that some relationships can become weak and break, so she has left the Brar mansion and won’t return there. Her father, Ajith, suggests that she come back home, but Sahiba asserts that she can take care of herself. Her mother, Santosh, insists that she won’t let Sahiba walk alone, and her parents want her to return home. Sahiba asks her mother to understand and support her. Her father, Ajith, stands by her decision, and so does her brother, Keerat.

Meanwhile, Riddhi and her friends secretly watch Sahiba. They discuss how the entire college is mocking Riddhi for being scolded by the warden. Riddhi is determined to seek revenge on Sahiba.

Sahiba attends an open class on a cliff, where the teacher instructs students to draw paintings inspired by their surroundings. Sahiba appears nervous. The teacher mentions that it should be easy for her since she has created paintings inspired by her family events before. While Sahiba walks near a clothes drying area, she almost falls into boiling water, but a man saves her just in time. She wonders if it was Angad who saved her but then notices a different man holding her papers. Unbeknownst to her, a mysterious man with a disturbed appearance hides nearby, repeating Sahiba’s name.

Riddhi steps on Sahiba’s painting, provoking a confrontation. Sahiba stands her ground, stating that she will recreate her paintings, but Riddhi’s belongings won’t return to their room, making Riddhi the real loser. As Sahiba walks away with her painting, the mysterious man observes her with admiration and curiosity.

Sahiba starts working on her painting, and as she does, a pink cloth falls on her. This reminds her of dancing with Angad while wearing his pink blazer and expressing her love for him. A sad Angad sits in a gurudwara, and Seerat tries to console him. However, Angad insists that he doesn’t need help and asks her to leave. Seerat, determined to help him, reminds him of the support he offered her when she was in pain. She intends to find out why Sahiba ended things with Angad.

As Sahiba finishes her painting, Riddhi taunts her, drawing parallels between her abandoned painting and her husband’s departure. Sahiba responds by asserting her individual identity as an artist named Sahiba. The mysterious man overhears this and becomes captivated by Sahiba’s confidence, believing that she belongs to him from now on, referring to himself as her “Mirza.”

In the upcoming episode, Angad receives a bouquet of flowers and wonders if Sahiba sent them. When he confronts Sahiba about it, she denies sending the flowers and discovers a note from someone named Mirza. Meanwhile, the mysterious man watches from the shadows with a psychopathic grin.

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