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Yash claims he has no knowledge of the hotel booking and that it must have been done by one of his employees, but he will find out the truth. Even though Jasleen claims that Yash has been extremely helpful to their family, Angad is incorrect in accusing Yash. Sahiba claims that whatever he did was to get closer to the family before destroying it. Yash claims that he considered Jasleen’s family to be his family and loved them as such, even receiving love from them, but today he feels ashamed; he has a lot by God’s favor and will gain nothing by destroying them. He claims he left when Garry was very little and is deeply disturbed by Garry’s death; if Garry is still alive, he and Jasleen would want to meet their son, and they are confident that Garry would as well. The news has shaken the family.

Hansraj wonders why, if Garry is still alive, they didn’t bring him here. Sahiba claims they returned to the hotel to apprehend Garry, but he had fled by then. Prabjot claims that if Garry is still alive, he would have called Jasleen first. Yash continues his emotional drama and attempts to flee. Jasleen tries to stop him and follows behind Yash, saying she absolutely trusts him and knows Angad and Sahiba are lying. Hansraj claims that Angad and Sahiba can only prove their point if they bring Garry here.

Sahiba says she knows someone who has met Garry and wants Seerat to be truthful. Seerat rejects and requests that she not draw her into her falsehoods. Yashpal receives a phone call and is taken aback. The family wants to know what happened. According to Yashpal, Brar Jewelers’ shares have plummeted in the market as a result of rumors that its private records have been exposed to competitors. Seerat learns she gave Garry a classified file, putting the Brar family in serious danger.

Akaal questions Angad about how the sensitive documents were leaked from his locker while only they knew the location and passcode. Angad replies he has no idea. A female inspector with her squad enters and accuses Angad of fraud by selling phony diamonds.

According to Angad, Garry Baweja stole the diamond while posing as Sunny Sood. Inspector claims he is the major offender and invented Sunny Sood. Inder believes his son is incapable of doing anything wrong. According to the inspector, the law requires proof rather than emotions. Yash claims that Mannat and Parth were correct that Angad is Sunny Sood, that he committed fraud and is now accusing him and the deceased Garry. The drama continues…


A police officer enters the Brar estate and declares that his family must suffer as a result of Angad’s fraud case, and that the mansion is being seized. Sahiba crumbles. Gurleen takes her pulse and determines that Sahiba is pregnant. Inder wonders why God is telling them where their family heir is coming on this day and forcing them to leave their home.