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The ceremony for Jasleen and Yash’s engagement begins. Japjot adds that because Jasleen often complains about being treated like a DIL and DILs being treated like daughters, she will put an end to her complaints by giving Jasleen their family jewelry. Jasleen is unique and deserving of the world’s attention, according to Yash, but he will start giving her more attention right away. Manveer jokes that if Yash pays attention to Jasleen, there won’t be any tension. Jasleen’s and their tension will be gone, according to Hansraj. Japjot queries if his poor wit was innate or acquired. Let’s begin the ring exchange ritual, says Prabjot. Let’s wait until Angad and Sahiba get back, suggests Gurleen.

When Sahiba brings Angad to Garry’s hotel room, she discovers that it is empty. Is she certain this is the room, Angad queries. She shows him a board on which every photo of him has been altered. The hotel staff asks if they have a reservation and cleans the room. Sahiba wonders if they came to greet the people in this room. According to the staff, they checked out thirty minutes ago. Walking up to reception, Angad and Sahiba ask the woman to give them the visitor details for room #113.

The receptionist declines, citing corporate policy as the reason. Sahiba threatens to close their hotel, call the police, and tell them how she was attacked there due to a security breakdown. The receptionist provides them details out of fear. She discovers that Garry paid with a credit card and an Oval Group account for his more than month-long stay at this motel. Angad gives Pam the information and requests that she use Shameen to identify the owner of the Oval Group.

Veer conducts a play featuring Jasleen and Yash till the return of Angad and Sahiba. Keerat enters and says hello to Brars. Gurleen queries her inviter for this. Veer remarks, “Angad invited her here,” while holding Keerat’s hand. On his good day, Yash says, let’s not cause any trouble. Gurleen hears Jaspal say that Yash is correct. The game goes on. When Angad and Sahiba get home, they believe Jasleen and Yash will be surprised to find out about their son’s existence and actions. When Yash sees them, he asks them to share in his joy.

Veer performs a love ballad. Couples dance together. When Manveer watches Angad and Sahiba dance, he becomes envious. Pam calls Angad and says she sent him the information. When they see the name of the owner of Oval Group, Angad and Sahiba are taken aback. Just as Yash is ready to adjust the ring on Jasleen’s finger, Agad interrupts and queries his haste. Is there a special guest coming? Yash asks. Yes, a very special guest, Angad responds.

PRECAP: Garry challenges Yash for utilizing him as a pawn in his strategy. Yash yells that he is not deaf and that he can hear everything. When Sahiba sees them together, she’s astonished. They both see him, too.