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Angad tells Sahiba that they need time to work out the problems and misunderstandings that have lately occurred between them, and that they must make an effort; she should not forget that they are married; he has seen her in danger recently and cannot bear the thought of seeing her in peril, so he will return her home. Sahiba attempts to talk. Angad advises her not to quarrel and to join him home. Sahiba claims he became aware of his husband’s responsibilities after he cheated on her and crushed her heart. Angad says he’s simply asking her to stay at the Brar mansion for 4-5 days until he feels the situation has stabilized; she should comply for the sake of his grandparents. Sahiba vows to never forget how he destroyed her heart. Angad murmurs, “It’s just her imagination,” and goes away, holding her hand.

Japjot tells Simran at Brar Mansion that it’s great that she invited all her friends for her birthday and jokes that she will cut the cake. Simran declares that it is her birthday and that she will cut the cake; Japjot can hold her hand as she does so. Japjot concurs. Jaspal inquires about Simran’s preferred gift. Japjot promises a special gift because it is her 11th birthday, but her first with them. Simran informs Inder that she just requires the gift she requested. Jasleen mocks Inder by saying Simran is materialistic like her mother Gayatri and Sahiba from Shimlapuri, and she mocks Seerat by saying she must understand what she means because she is from Shimlapuri. Simran wants Sahiba to attend her birthday, so Inder apologizes for disappointing her. Inder, according to Japjot, should not have made promises to Simran that he couldn’t keep. Simran is confident that Sahiba will return. Sahiba, according to Seerat, will not be present.

Sahiba enters with Angad. Simran is delighted to see her, however Seerat frowns and exclaims, “What is she doing here?” She screams at Sahiba for going home. Sahiba informs Simran that she has come to celebrate her birthday. Simran inquires of Seerat about the arrival of her new Sahiba and prepares her favorite pink drink. Seerat claims she had no idea Sahiba was coming. Angad recalls Sahiba informing him that her favorite color is pink. Veer and Gurleen enter, delighted to meet Sahiba. Angad tells how Sahiba’s life was threatened and what they were up against today. Inder inquires as to whether the stalker has been apprehended. Sahiba replies yeah, his name is Rumi, but he refers to himself as Karthik. Veer apologizes to Sahiba for bringing Karthik home and causing her problems. Sahiba inquires as to whether Karthik has returned home. Veer claims he was unaware of Karthik’s intentions and unintentionally brought him home. Karthik, according to Sahiba, had been planning it for a long time.

Seerat continues to rage at Sahiba, saying she loves about Angad and cannot bear seeing him in misery; she and Manveer worked hard to get Sahiba out of Angad’s life and erase her memories, but Sahiba reappeared and ruined their efforts. Seerat should be grateful that she is just here for a few days, according to Sahiba. Seerat’s ranting continues, and the Barars silently bear it by closing their mouths. Japjot walks away, stating she needs to take her medicine. As she takes medicine after lunch, Sahiba walks behind her and asks if she is furious with her. Japjot admits that she is furious since Sahiba ignored Akaal’s desire to return home; they were concerned for her safety and hence asked her to return home, but Sahiba was adamant at the time and has now returned for the same reason. She claims that elders never say anything without a cause.

Seerat intervenes, telling Japjot that Sahiba does not listen to anyone and always does what she believes is right. Japjot enters her room. Seerat begins ranting at Sahiba once more. Sahiba informs Angad that she will go while Angad explains to Seerat why she is here, and she walks away. Seerat tells Angad not to bother because Sahiba won’t listen to him. Angad stands still.

Simran’s birthday is celebrated by Sahiba.
Manveer claims that Angad’s first choice was Seerat, that Angad was duped and married to Sahiba, and that she wishes to right that wrong by convincing Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba becomes agitated and departs. Angad approaches her from behind and is astounded to witness her trying suicide by cutting her wrist.