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Sahiba tells Rumi that he is nothing to her, that Angad is her spouse, and that she will repeat Angad’s name a thousand times. Rumi screams and shatters stuff. Sahiba tries to run but falls. Rumi asks if she is hurt and advises her to cease using Angad’s name because it causes him a lot of pain. Sahiba cautions him that he means nothing to her and urges her to go before Angad arrives and punishes him. Rumi chooses a broken glass piece and threatens her with telling him she loves him. Angad arrives there. Rumi assaults Angad. Angad grabs his hand, asks, “How dare you touch Sahiba?” and strikes him. Rumi collapses. Angad tightens his grip on Sahiba’s hand. He assures her that she should not be concerned because he is present. Rumi assaults him once more. Angad pins him to a table and introduces himself as Rumi Baweja and Karthika. Sahiba inquires as to his reasoning. Rumi advises getting closer to her.

Angad slams him and says Sahiba is his wife, and how dare he bother her. Rumi begins to bleed but continues to yell, “I love you, Sahiba!” Angad pushes him away. Rumi trips and smashes the door. Sahiba stops Angad, fearing he may murder Rumi. Rumi believes Sahiba loves him and that she will be with him soon. Sahiba warns Angad that if something happens to Rumi, he will be in trouble, so leave Rumi to the police. Angad attempts to contact the police. Rumi clutches Angad’s feet and begs him not to contact the cops, lest his life be wrecked and he lose his mother forever. Pam and the guards become aware. Rumi is warned by Angad to quit his theatrics; he should have thought twice before bothering Sahiba and attempting to kill him. Rumi apologizes to Sahiba for falling in love with her and attempting to seduce her, and says he now realizes she can never be his because she is Angad’s. Angad urges him not to objectify Sahiba since she is a human, not a slave, and that girls are in danger because of him.

Rumi continues to beg for his life. Angad refuses and decides to turn him up to the police. Sahiba requests that Angad release Rumi because he realized his error and Angad has already punished him. Rumi claims he will relocate to the United States today and will bring them proof. Rumi is spared by Angad. Rumi expresses gratitude to Sahiba for saving him and promises that he would never come in front of her again. Angad says he’ll travel straight to the airport from here and begs Pam to buy him a shirt so he doesn’t miss his flight. Pam goes out and buys him a shirt. Rumi expresses gratitude to Angad. Angad instructs him to change his clothing and depart for the airport. They both drop Rumi off at the airport and wait for him to board a flight. Sahiba expresses gratitude to Angad for sparing her from Rumi. Sahiba says he doesn’t need to be thanked because her safety is vital to him. Sahiba says it’s time for them to leave as well and begins walking.

Seerat brings the family lassi. Manveer says it’s delicious. Seerat claims she learned from her and refers to her as mamma, then maamiji. Hearing that, the family is taken aback. Jaspal says it’s delicious. Jasleen informs Japjot that Manveer is giving special attention to Seerat, and that if she had done the same for Sahiba, Sahiba would not have left the house. Simran approaches them and hands them her birthday invitation. Inder recalls Simran’s plea to celebrate Sahiba’s birthday with Angad and prays to God to perform a miracle and bring Sahiba home. Angad stops Sahiba and tells her to return to the Brar mansion. Sahiba asks him to keep his emotions in check and reminds him that he let her leave. Angad claims he only wants to settle their disputes and reminds her that they are husband and wife.

Simran’s birthday is celebrated by Sahiba.
Manveer claims that Angad’s first choice was Seerat, that Angad was duped and married to Sahiba, and that she wishes to right that wrong by convincing Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba becomes agitated and departs. Angad approaches her from behind and is astounded to witness her trying suicide by cutting her wrist.