Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th October 2023 Episode 276

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Seerat shows Manveer Angad’s remodeled room and says this is the first step in eradicating Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s memory. Manveer is overjoyed and compliments Seerat. When Manveer compliments Seerat, she says she feels unique. Manveer instructs her to refer to her as mom from now on. Seerat is happier now. Manveer asks her to adorn her son’s life in the same way she did this room, and if she decorated this room with the intention of staying in it in the future. Seerat claims she didn’t consider it. Manveer then instructs her to begin thinking.

Sahiba phones Angad and wonders why he doesn’t answer. Angad arrives at the stalker’s residence and discovers him staying at Baweja House. He informs the guard that he has arrived to invite Mr Baweja to his sister’s wedding. However, senior and junior Baweja are not at home, according to the guard. Angad claims to be the CEO of Brar Jewelers and has already spoken with Baweja, who has asked to wait for him inside the residence. He is let in by the guard. Angad enters. Senior Baweja is in Malaysia, while junior Baweja is not at home, according to Maid. Angad states that he will wait. When he notices Karthik’s photo, he asks the maid if Karthik lives here. Rumi baba, according to the maid. Angad realizes the gravity of the situation and goes to the office to save Sahiba.

Rumi emits hypnotic smoke, rendering Pam and the guards unconscious. He then knocks on the door, introduces himself as a security officer, and begs Sahiba to open it. Sahiba walks out and opens the door. She summons Pam and the guards, but nothing is found. She comes across a mobile phone and uses its torch to observe Pam and the guards unconscious on the floor. She goes back to Angad’s cabin. Karthik shuts the door from the inside. Sahiba is terrified and wonders who he is. He makes a face. Sahiba is surprised to see Karthik and wonders what he is doing here, assuming he is the stalker who is bothering her. Rumi introduces himself as Rumi rather than Karthik and expresses his feelings for her.

Karthik goes on to relate how he attempted to kill Angad twice, but Sahiba saved him both times. He professes his desire to live quietly with her without Angad’s involvement. Sahiba urges him to stay away from her and not say anything negative about Angad. Angad runs into the office, hoping Sahiba is okay. When he phones Sahiba, he discovers that her phone is turned off. He discovers Pam not answering the phone and dials a landline. Sahiba answers the phone and tells him that her college student Karthik is the stalker. Angad inquires as to her well-being. Karthik disconnects the landline and continues to threaten Sahiba, threatening to kill Angad. Sahiba urges him not to think of injuring anybody else again. Their debate continues.

Precap: Angad slams Rumi for bothering Sahiba and consoles Sahiba.