Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th October 2023 Episode 275

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Sahiba, who is locked in a library, believes she must escape at all costs in order to save Angad from the stalker. She observes a window curtain and considers using it as a rope to escape. Rumi imprisons Angad in a lift. Angad questions Rumi about stalking Sahiba and tells him to get him out of the elevator and see what he will do to him. Rumi admits he is the stalker. Angad is concerned about Sahiba and wonders where he is. Sahiba escapes the library via the balcony, using drapes as a rope. She dashes into Angad’s office. Angad continues to intimidate Rumi, warning him not to look at his wife Sahiba. Rumi chuckles and declares that Sahiba is now his, warning him to leave Sahiba if he wants to survive. Sahiba arrives at Angad’s workplace and asks the watchman where Angad is.

The verbal spat between Angad and Rumi continues. Rumi threatens Angad with death if he does not leave Sahiba. Sahiba approaches Pam and inquires about Angad’s whereabouts. Pam claims that Angad left the office concerned about Sahiba. Sahiba instructs her to contact Angad. She dials. Angad informs her that he is trapped in an elevator and requests that she contact the police. When Sahiba realizes the lift is stopped on the sixth floor, he runs up with the guards and Pam. Rumi is about to kill Angad when Sahiba arrives and summons him. Angad claims to be stuck in a lift. Rumi goes into hiding, wondering how Sahiba got here. Sahiba has arrived at the lift. They both ask if they are okay at the same time. He claims the stalker has arrived. Rumi walks away. Guards are alerted by Sahiba. Rumi is pursued by guards. Angad warns Sahiba not to leave since the stalker is extremely dangerous. Sahiba unlocks the lift door and helps him out. He lands on top of her. Their gazes are locked. Guards return to notify them that the stalker is still in the building. Angad urges them not to let the stalker escape, tells Sahiba to stay in his cabin because the stalker may harm her, and hurries to find the stalker.

Inder phones Veer and begs him to locate Sahiba and Angad. Veer says he’ll phone Shamin and see whether Angad is still in the office. Inder is concerned about Sahiba. Simran approaches him and asks if he won’t tell her a story today. Inder replies he will and that he is preparing a birthday celebration for her. She wonders how he knows about her birthday. He claims Sahiba discovered her date of birth in her file and alerted him. She expresses a desire to spend her birthday with Angad and Sahiba. Angad goes down and inquires of the watchman whether he spotted a man exiting. No, says Watchman. Angad requests that he examine CCTV footage. Shamin notifies him that CCTV has been compromised. Angad chastises her. Rumi pulls away in his automobile. Angad notices him and chases him down in his automobile. Sahiba, concerned about him, phones and asks where he is and if he has captured the stalker. Angad claims he is tracking the stalker and will apprehend him shortly. Shamin sends the position of the stalker’s phone hacking. Angad walks over to the location.

Sahiba is concerned about Angad. Rumi approaches her. Sahiba inquires if Karthik was following her. Rumi recognizes him and expresses her affection for him. Angad arrives and slams him for touching Sahiba.