Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th October 2023 Episode 274

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Rumi tells Sahiba that she cannot be nasty to him because he adores her. He claims to be aware of her disagreement with her husband and Manveer’s quest for a lawyer to divorce them. According to Sahiba, this suggests he is a stalker who is following her. Angad inquires about the stalker’s location. The stalker is utilizing complicated software used by experienced hackers and changing his IP address on a regular basis, so she needs time to track him down. He inquires if she discovered anything in his phone. She says no, the hacker linked to his phone through his laptop and utilized it to send texts; she will say he is very bright. Angad tells her to quit praising the hacker and to find his whereabouts as quickly as possible. He inquires as to when Sahiba’s phone was hacked. She estimates 4-5 days.
He inquires about his phone. She claims that his laptop was hacked two days earlier. He wonders who this man who has arrived at his business and house is and becomes concerned for Sahiba.

Rumi tells Sahiba how much he loves her, how upset he feels when Angad bothers her, and how he plans to remove Angad from her life. Sahiba warns him not to speak ill of Angad and continues to look for him. He keeps changing locations and describing how he will keep her happy since she belongs solely to him. Sahiba warns him not to talk so cheaply. He blasts music and burns crackers in the sky to convey the idea that she is solely his. She discovers an obituary message for Angad, along with a note stating that he will publish it in the newspaper the next day. She knocks on the door and begs for assistance.

Seerat is waiting for Angad to finish his meal. Maid reports that Angad has stated that he will be late. Seerat requests that she pack tiffin and deliver it to Angad’s office because she cannot keep Angad hungry. Manveer approaches her and smiles as he hears this. She forces Seerat to sit and feeds her. Seerat inquires as to whether she was serious about Angad and Sahiba’s divorce. Manveer accepts her proposal and asks whether she wants to marry Angad. Seerat gladly agrees, adding that Sahiba will not abandon Angad that lightly. Manveer believes Sahiba is the source of Angad’s funds. Seerat believes Sahiba’s ego is more important to her than money, and she will sign divorce papers if Angad declares he wants to remarry. Manveer thinks it’s a great concept.

Sahiba discovers the library’s landline is dead and continues to yell for aid. Rumi arrives at Angad’s office and informs the security that he has an appointment with him. Guard tells him to confirm with Angad. Rumi impersonates Angad, who asks the guard to let him in. He believes he used voice modulation software to trick guards and sent communications to Sahiba. He cuts lift wires and believes Angad will die today. He sends Angad a video in which he professes his feelings for Sahiba. Angad becomes enraged, realizes it is from Sahiba’s college, and rushes there. Lift fails and he becomes stuck. Rumi approaches him and inquires if he recognized him. Angad yells at him.

Rumi informs Angad that if he leaves Sahiba, he will spare him. Angad is adamantly opposed. Rumi tells him it’s time for him to die and bids him farewell. Sahiba arrives in Angad’s office.