Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th October 2023 Episode 273

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Manveer tells Sahiba that she has caused a lot of trouble for her family and that it is time for her to leave their lives forever by divorcing Angad. Sahiba glances at Angad, stunned. Inder cautions Manveer to quit talking rubbish since they are in trouble and she is discussing their divorce. Manveer claims that divorce is the only solution to their son’s difficulties; he himself desired their divorce, and he supports Sahiba just because she assisted him in his wrongdoings. Akaal requests that she withdraw her incorrect demand. Manveer believes her demand is reasonable and invites Angad to speak. Seerat requests that Angad inform Sahiba that he does not wish to remain with her and wishes to forget her forever. Angad claims he said it in jest and didn’t intend it. Seerat claims that things said in rage or while drunk are always accurate. Angad claims he never wanted to leave Sahiba, but it was Sahiba’s decision to do so. He requests that Sahiba make a decision.

Sahiba claims he quickly assigns responsibility to her and expects her to make a choice. She requests that Manveer have her son sign the divorce papers and submit them to her. She steps outside the hut. Angad and Inder trail her. Tech notifies them that Sahiba’s phone has been hijacked and advises her to check out of all social media and bank accounts until they discover the culprit. Inder inquires about Angad’s phone. Angad’s phone is connected to his laptop, and both are being checked, according to tech. On Inder’s orders, she steals Sahiba’s phone and gives her another phone. Inder asks her to retain it because they need to stay connected in this difficult circumstance. Sahiba declares that she does not wish to be associated with anyone and departs. She sobs in the elevator. Ruthgaiya, Sahiba The song Sahiba Ruthgaiya… is playing in the background.

Rumi feels it’s a good thing Sahiba is divorcing now and accompanies him to the college library. Angad is informed by Tech that there is a reminder in Sahiba’s cell. Angad inspects it and informs Inder that it is for him; Simran’s birthday is in two days. Inder becomes upset and expresses how much Sahiba considers everyone. Angad responds, “Except him,” and walks away, dejected. Sahiba is studying in the college library. The librarian has decided that it is time to close the library. Sahiba asks for additional time because she has to finish off her notes. The librarian agrees and requests that she close the library before leaving. Sahba is back to work. Rumi walks in and begins a passionate conversation with her. Sahiba is terrified and wonders who he is. He claims to be her Mirza. Sahiba recalls reading a note with a flower bouquet and claims to be nothing more than a stalker. Rumi continues to shock her with his words, while Sahiba, terrified, searches for him. He informs her that she will soon divorce her husband and will be with him permanently. Sahiba becomes increasingly terrified.


Manveer informs her family that she is having Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The news shocks the family, but it makes Seerat pleased. Angad drags Sahiba home and tells her she must remain since her life is in danger. This shameless girl can’t stay in this house, shouts Manveer. Angad warns her not to say anything negative about his wife Sahiba.