Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd October 2023 Episode 272

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Sahiba informs Angad that they split up because of his actions, not hers. She claims he wants to end their relationship and wonders why he wants a new drama since there is nothing left in their relationship. Angad claims he has the same question. Seerat grins and asks Sahiba why she continuously returns to bother Angad. If Sahiba claims she is not speaking to her, she should keep her lips quiet. Manveer agrees with Seerat that Sahiba is bothering Angad. Sahiba claims she found out from Seerat, who was meddling uninvitedly, attempting to stop her, and wanting to know when she was quitting this relationship and what the future of the relationship held. Manveer believes Seerat is correct, which explains why she is carrying a dead relationship.

Sahiba informs Angad that she was aware of his hypocrisy, so why did he send her a voice message saying he wanted to leave their relationship forever? Inder inquires as to what is going on here. Manveer thinks it’s great that her kid wants to stop the troubled connection and doesn’t want to carry it for the rest of his life as she did. Akaal inquires of Angad as to which voice note Sahiba is referring to. Angad claims he did not send a voice message. Rumi examines them on his laptop screen, recalling how he hacked into Angad’s phone when at Brar house with Veer. Akaal and Jaspal request that Sahiba play the voice note. She begins to play a voice note where Angad’s voice begins. Rumi removes the message. Sahiba is stunned to discover that the message has been removed. Seerat requests that she play the message again. According to Sahiba, it was erased. Angad claims he did not send any voice notes and wonders how she can send a message when she has blocked his number. Sahiba believes he is correct.

Manveer exclaims that Sahiba broke up with Angad and is now urgently seeking to reconcile with him. Sahiba wonders why she would do it when she herself stopped the relationship. Akaal questions Angad about sending a voice note to Sahiba. Angad accepts Manveer’s oath and claims that he did not send any messages and that he believes Sahiba’s and his phones have been hacked and that someone sent her a message in his voice. Sahiba concurs. Manveer keeps yelling. Veer tells Pam that he will contact a technician to check their phones. Rumi hears this and believes that if tech discovers that Sahiba’s phone has been hacked, he will be unable to keep an eye on Sahiba.

Pam requests Angad and Sahiba’s mobile phone password. Angad believes his password is Sadu Sahiba and her DOB; if she hears this password, she would become enraged. Sahiba also believes that Angad will become enraged if he hears ATM123. They each say at the same time that they will write down their password. Seerat inquires as to why Sahiba is afraid to give her password, and whether it is the name of her secret partner. Akaal becomes enraged and states that while Seerat may have a bad relationship with her sister, she has no right to constantly trash Sahiba. Seerat expresses regret. According to Akaal, whoever sent the roses to Sahiba must have hacked her phone. Angad believes he is correct. Jaspal inquires of Sahiba whether she has observed any other recent changes. Sahiba claims that she is always being followed. Manveer calls for an end to the turmoil and insists that Sahiba divorce Angad. Hearing that, Seerat smiles.

Manveer informs her family that she is having Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The news shocks the family, but it makes Seerat pleased. Angad drags Sahiba home and tells her she must remain since her life is in danger. This shameless girl can’t stay in this house, shouts Manveer. Angad warns her not to say anything negative about his wife Sahiba.