Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th September 2023 Episode 270

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Sahiba discovers Karthik/Rumi’s bleeding hand and informs him that he, too, is injured. Rumi claims her blood, not his. He finds Angad looking for Sahiba and draws the curtains. Sahiba inquires as to what he is doing. Rumi claims he does not want the media to notice her and bother her again. Nobody will bother her from now on, he promises. She walks with a limp. He grips her foot firmly and corrects her sprain. She goes out, claiming that the journalists must have left. Veer spots her and inquires as to what she is doing here, as Angad searches for her. Sahiba inquires about Angad’s health. Veer notices Karthik and wonders what he’s doing here. Sahiba claims Karthik shielded her from the media and concealed her here. Angad dials Veer’s number. Veer hands Sahiba the phone. They each ask each other whether they are okay. Angad then requests that Veer take Sahiba to her hostel. Karthik assures Sahiba that if she feels uncomfortable with Veer, he will drop her off at the hostel. Sahiba claims he has already assisted her greatly, therefore she will travel with Veer. Karthik believes he can touch her today and that he will get closer to her soon.

Japjot tells Akaal and Inder that they should have taken Sahiba home instead of letting her go. Even Akaal believes they should not have allowed Sahiba to live in a hostel. Inder reports that Sahiba is OK and that Veer dropped her off at the hostel. Manveer enters and inquires if they are discussing Sahiba, Angad’s life being jeopardized today. Everyone except Inder watched Sahiba save Angad from the disaster. Manveer claims to have witnessed everything and claims that Angad cannot be happy unless Sahiba enters his life. According to Akaal, people must repair their broken connections with love.
Angad, according to Japjot, is waiting for Sahiba to return home. Manveer becomes resolute and resolves to divorce Angad from Sahiba and marry for the second time. Japjot inquires as to if she understands what she is saying. Manveer claims she knows Angad would not be happy till Sahiba enters his life and is willing to break this family’s rule for Angad’s pleasure.

Veer informs Angad the next morning that he tried to ask Sahiba if she has any problems, but she is unwilling to say anything. Sahiba, according to Angad, will not tell him anything. Akaal and Japjot enter and inquire whether he spoke with Sahiba. Sahiba, according to Angad, has banned his number and would not speak to him even if he calls her from an unknown number. Sanjeev, the event manager, phones him and informs him that the stalker was not from the music troupe. Her theory is that he is the one who sent the flowers to Sahiba. Japjot inquires as to what he means. Angad reveals that someone sent a floral arrangement to Sahiba a few days ago, and he believes he has been stalking Sahiba for a long time. Japjot believes Sahiba should not stay in the hostel. Angad claims he tried to persuade her, but she refused to listen to him.

Akaal and Japjot pay a visit to Sahiba’s college and invite her to join them in their car. She gains entry. Japjot inquires whether she does not recall them. Sahiba says she thinks about them every day. Japjot then inquires as to why she did not pay them a visit. Sahiba claims that the situation became so bad that she was unable to visit them. They take her to a restaurant and instruct her to enter. She walks in and is taken aback to see Angad. She tells Angad that if this was his intention, she would not have come here. Angad expresses amazement that Akaal and Japjot brought him here. Sahiba claims she can’t stand him. Even Angad says he can’t. Sahiba closes her eyes and says that even he should keep quiet until Akaal and Japjot arrive. Akaal and Japjot enter and tell Sahiba that they don’t know what happened between them, but they both need to resolve their concerns quickly because someone is attempting to use their disagreements and divide them. Japjot claims that Sahiba’s life is in danger and that nothing is more valuable than life; she has issues with Angad, but she cannot endanger her life by remaining in the hostel and should return home. They both attempt to persuade Sahiba to return home.

Manveer informs her family that she is having Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The news shocks the family, but it makes Seerat pleased. Angad drags Sahiba home and tells her she must remain since her life is in danger. This shameless girl can’t stay in this house, shouts Manveer. Angad warns her not to say anything negative about his wife Sahiba.