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Akaal informs Angad and Sahiba that there is no difficulty in the world that cannot be handled via mutual talk, and that they should both sit there calmly and settle their concerns through mutual discussion, after which they would all four return home after burying all the issues here. He departs with Japjot. Sahiba asks Angad if he is doing all of this to avoid being blamed by the media. Agad said he is not concerned about media publicity but is concerned about her after what occurred yesterday. He invites her to sit down and talk to him quietly. Sahiba declines. Angad expresses concern for her safety and requests that she sit or he would shatter all of the chairs in the room. She takes a seat. Angad claims the problem began when she moved to a hostel and that someone is behind her. Sahiba wonders if he means someone is following her. Rumi looks at Sahiba on his phone screen and wonders what Angad is telling her about him.

Angad informs Sahiba that the stalker is a maniac and not a normal person. If he means stalker, she is a defenseless victim, Angad is a savior, and she is safe only in Brar mansion, according to Sahiba. Rumi considers himself to be Sahiba’s Mirza. Sahiba refuses to accept Angad’s plea, claiming that the anguish he caused her pales in comparison to the pain caused by the stalker. Angad inquires whether she is comparing her husband to a stalker. Sahiba claims to be married to her but has feelings for someone else. Angad claims that there is treatment for everything except misunderstanding; he has no idea what is going through her mind, but he regards her as his wife and has the right to protect her from the stalker. Sahiba claims she has no idea if his stalker theory is correct, but she can protect herself and will never return to the Brar mansion. Angad expresses surprise that she is the same woman he loves. Sahiba expresses regret that she would disappoint Bebe and Daarji. Rumi congratulates Sahiba on her decision.

Akaal and Japjot have returned. Sahiba apologizes for disobeying them and says she won’t be able to return to Brar mansion since the hurt to her heart may never heal. Japjot claims that she, too, became a Brar family member and had many troubles with Akaal, but they both worked things out; Gurleen and Harjot had marital problems, but they overcame them and moved on; and Sahiba should do the same. Sahiba declines. They both leave dejected. Angad claims that Sahiba broke his Darji and Bebe’s hearts, so keep it up. Rumi believes that no one can stop him from getting closer to Sahiba and sketches them in his book.

Angad works out in the morning. Sahiba splatters him with water. He rushes up to her, catches her, and splashes her with water. Sahiba claims she was joking and realizes she was dreaming the previous episode in her hostel room. She notices Angad’s message and becomes enraged, believing that if Angad is apologizing to her, she cannot forgive him. She remembers she had blocked Angad’s number and is astonished to see it unblocked. She hears Angad’s message that he tried hard to persuade her, but she is so stubborn and haughty that he doesn’t want to see her face from now on. When Sahiba constantly contacts Angad, he is in the middle of a business meeting. Akaal requests that he pick up the phone if the call is important. Angad dismisses it as unimportant and proceeds with the meeting.

After shopping, Seerat and Manveer go to Angad’s office and wait for him. Manveer questions Seerat about why she only shops for Angad and not herself. Seerat claims that Angad has spent his entire life caring for others; now it is his turn to care for himself. Sahiba storms in and asks Pam where Angad is. Pam reports that Sir is attending an important meeting. Manveer inquires as to her purpose for being here. Sahiba enters the boardroom with the intention of meeting Angad. Seerat believes that if Sahiba is digging a grave for her relationship, she has no right to intervene. Sahiba approaches Angad and wonders why he sent a message indicating that she is desperate to have him back in his life while he want to end their relationship, claiming that their relationship ended because of him and that there is nothing left anymore.

Manveer informs her family that she is having Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The news shocks the family, but it makes Seerat pleased. Angad drags Sahiba home and tells her she must remain since her life is in danger. This shameless girl can’t stay in this house, shouts Manveer. Angad warns her not to say anything negative about his wife Sahiba.