Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th September 2023 Episode 269

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Angad asks Sahiba why, if his priority appears to be ego and show off to her, she follows him wherever he goes. Sahiba claims she is here for work, that she can’t stay in the hostel room all the time because she is in danger, that she was here to decorate the venue and didn’t realize it was his function. Angad believes she must be upset about having to decorate his function. Sahiba states that she has no objections. They are still arguing. Sahiba states that she does not want to return to a place she has left and will never return to his home. Even Angad admits that he is not dying to see her return home. Their debate continues. Sahiba turns and goes away.

Angad examines his chest wound. In a mirror, Sahiba discovers blood on his shirt and becomes frightened. Rumi believes Angad must now pay for his wrongdoing and drapes a chandelier rope over him. Sahiba notices this and runs to save him time. Angad inquires about Sahiba’s well-being. Yes, says Sahiba. Around them, fire catches. Brars are concerned about Angad. The song Ek Dil Ek Jaan Hai… is playing in the background. Angad glances into Sahiba’s eyes and wonders why she turned. She claims to have seen blood on his clothing. Angad embraces her. Manveer requests that Seerat save Angad. She enters the fire circle. Angad questions Sahiba about why she saved him. Seeratg becomes envious and summons Angad. Angad becomes alarmed and requests a response from Sahiba. Seerat yanks him back. Angad keeps Sahiba’s hand in his. Sahiba releases her grip.

Seerat informs Angad that Manveer is concerned about him and yanks him away. Manveer and his family express their worry for him while completely neglecting Sahiba. Angad observes Sahiba injured and limping out of the area and rushes towards her, but Inder and Manveer stop him and tell him that Veer would take after Sahiba. Reporters throng Sahiba, wanting to know how long she has been apart from her spouse. Rumi films their video and inquires about their connection with their partner and whether or not they have children. Reporters wonder what kind of query this is. Rumi wonders how people may interrogate someone else when they are uncomfortable with such queries. He warns them to spare Sahiba or else his film of them harassing a woman will go public. The reporters leave.

Rumi tells Sahiba that he didn’t want to bother her after her warning, but when he saw reporters bothering her, he felt compelled to intervene. She wonders what he’s doing here.
Rumi claims he is coming on behalf of his businessman father and requests that she join him to a safer location. Sahiba concurs. He reaches out his hand. She walks with his hand in hers. He believes that soon there will be little difference between them. Veer looks for Sahiba. Angad approaches him and inquires about Sahiba’s whereabouts. Veer says he has no idea. Manveer cries that Sahiba has ruined her son’s life and that she should leave Angad alone. Seerat is on her side.

Rumi takes Sahiba to a fuse room and tells her that the media will not bother her there. Without Sahiba’s awareness, he silently locks the door from the inside and offers her water. Sahiba thanks him and apologizes for being impolite this morning. Angad and Veer are looking for Sahiba and are frustrated. Rumi asks Sahiba if she is bleeding and hands her his kerchief. Sahiba claims she saw this kerchief elsewhere. Rumi remembers giving it to her in her room. He reaches out to touch her feet. She puts a halt to him. Angad approaches the fuse room. Rumi takes notice of Angad.

Manveer informs her family that she is having Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The news shocks the family, but it makes Seerat pleased. Angad drags Sahiba home and tells her she must remain since her life is in danger. This shameless girl can’t stay in this house, shouts Manveer. Angad warns her not to say anything negative about his wife Sahiba.