Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th October 2023 Episode 298

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Angad and Sahiba are separated in a jungle, searching for each other while unable to connect. They miss seeing one another despite wandering close. In the background, the song “Laut Aave Mahi” plays. Rumi captures Sahiba again, insisting she can’t escape, as her husband can’t reach her and has come to this place to face his demise. Angad calls out to Sahiba and tries to locate her, while Rumi threatens him with a gun. Sahiba tries to break free but is captured by Rumi again, who issues threats. Angad intervenes, grabs Rumi, and angrily throws him down.

After this, Angad confirms Sahiba’s well-being, and they share an emotional hug. Sahiba explains her struggle to reach him and reveal she’s alive, expressing surprise at his arrival. Rumi warns Angad not to touch Natasha, claiming she’s his wife and will remain so. Angad retorts that Sahiba is his wife, and he won’t spare Rumi this time, lifting him and throwing him down. Despite being furious, Sahiba stops Angad from harming Rumi and advises him to hand over Rumi to the police instead.

When the police arrive, Rumi flees, and Sahiba chases after him. Angad attempts to prevent Sahiba from pursuing Rumi, but the police mistakenly detain him. Sahiba warns Rumi, asserting her marital bond with Angad. Rumi threatens to harm her if she doesn’t comply. As Angad arrives with the police, the situation escalates, leading to a confrontation between Rumi and Angad. Sahiba requests the police to release Angad as he’s innocent, but the officer insists on following the rules.

Rumi seizes a gun and threatens to shoot Sahiba, but Angad protects her and is injured. Sahiba urges the police to help Angad. In the next scene, Sahiba pleads with the police to take Angad to the hospital as he’s been shot. Angad, fulfilling his promise to surrender himself after finding Sahiba, faints due to the injury.