Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th September 2023 Episode 267

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Rumi follows Sahiba as he attempts to catch an auto. When a jeep stops just behind Sahiba, he becomes terrified. Rumi apologizes for scaring her and insists on dropping her off wherever she is going. Sahiba requests that he leave since she is not in the mood to converse. Rumi advises her to accept his lift because the auto is not stopping and the cab booking is being canceled. Sahiba inquires as to how he knows. Rumi claims that this is common for him, thus he travels in his car. Sahiba refuses to accept his assistance and attempts to enter auto. Rumi grabs her hand and tells her she can’t go on like this. Sahiba becomes enraged and yells at him for daring to touch her. Rumi claims he mistook them for buddies. Sahiba claims that just because she chatted to him normally and allowed him take her pictures doesn’t imply she befriended him; boys like him are easily misunderstood. She drives away, warning him not to come near her again. Rumi thinks she looks like his mother when she scolds her; now Agad has to pay for it.

Sahiba arrives at the event venue and introduces herself to event manager Sanjeev as a florist sent by the professor. Rajeev introduces her to his workers and asks her to begin her work. Angad’s congrats board is taken behind her and she is unaware. Angad walks towards the venue with Seerat and Manveer. Seerat expresses her joy and excitement for Angad. Manveer thanks her for bringing back the smiles in his and Angad’s lives, saying they were both broken due of Sahiba. Sahiba finishes the flower adornment. Sanjeev compliments her work and asks if she can make a garland to greet their honored guest. Sahba agrees and inquires of the employees as to what is going on. The congratulatory board begins to flash. Sahiba notices it and is startled to find that Angad has won the award for businessman of the year. She believes Angad is overjoyed today. Sanjeev requests that Sahiba finish the garland. Sahiba is making a garland. Stafff recognizes her talent.

Angad enters with his family. Angad is welcomed by the event organizer. Manveer requests that Seerat go alongside Angad. Japjyoth complains to Akaal about Manveer pushing Seerat towards Angad. Akaal walks in silence. Sahiba keeps an eye on Angad, who is hiding. Angad notices Sahiba hidden behind the ornamentation and wonders if it’s Sahiba. Guests are entertained by dancers and musicians. Rumi, disguised as a musician, believes Angad will soon go and he will be with Sahiba. The host greets Angad and his family and requests that Sanjeev bring a garland. Sanjeev notices his crew is missing and asks Sahiba to greet Mr Brar. Sahiba pauses, but agrees with his urging. She enters the stage carrying a garland. Seerat and Manveer are envious of Sahiba, while the rest of the family is overjoyed. Angad is taken aback when he sees Sahiba. Sahiba congratulates him.

Sahiba receives a package. Sahiba discovers Angad’s watch and blood-stained clothing in it, along with a note stating that he removed Angad from her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs down the road, worried about Angad. Rumi pulls over and asks what she’s doing here. According to Sahiba, Angad’s life is under jeopardy. Rumi tells her to get into his jeep and that he will assist her. She gains entry. He laughs.