Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th October 2023 Episode 296

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While rushing away from Rumi, Sahiba falls. Rumi runs towards her after hearing a noise. Sahiba wraps herself in dry leaves. Rumi claims he went to great lengths to obtain her and will not spare her lightly. He walks away, looking for her. Sahiba unwinds. Ajith’s neighbors apprehend Angad and drag him to his home. Santosh bemoans the fact that she thought of him as her son, but he ruthlessly murdered Sahiba. Keerat’s tongue then lashes him for murdering Sahiba. Neighbors beat him up and demand that he be killed in order to revenge Sahiba’s death. They fetch weapons and order Ajith to kill him with a hammer. Keerat also advises Ajith to murder Angad. Angad begs Ajith to let him go and save Sahiba first, and then he will surrender to the police. Ajith raises his hammer in preparation to murder Angad, but then drops it.

Angad questions Ajith on why he spared him. Ajith claims that he cannot be a monster like him. The mob continues to demand that Ajith kill Angad. The police arrive. Inspector Gagan points a gun at him and threatens to shoot him if he does not surrender. Angad has Keerat in his hands and threatens to break her head with a hammer if they don’t let him go. Everyone pleaded with Angad to save Seerat. Angad threatens them that if they do not let him go, he will smash Keerat’s head. He informs Keerat that Sahiba is still alive and that he will surrender after finding her. She inquires if he is certain of where she must go right now. He claims Rumi has returned and doubts Rumi took Sahiba. She hopes his skepticism is correct and assists him in fleeing.

Jaspal, Gurleen, and Jasleen go to the police station to see Veerat. Gurleen expresses concern for her son. Jaspal claims Gurleen overheard him and he was powerless to stop her. Jasleen informs Veer that his naive trust in Angad landed him in jail. Veer says he still believes in Angad and would do anything for him. Sahiba resolves to punish Rumi and returns to the crashed plane. She gathers broken glass, sticks, and other debris while waiting for him. Rumi returns after failing to locate her and is relieved to see her. He chuckles at her and says it’s a good thing she accepted and returned to him.

Angad arrives at Rumi’s hideout and discovers Sahiba’s blood-stained dupatta. He is concerned about her and seeks for her. Rumi informs Sahiba that her ex-husband has come to die and fires at Angad.