Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th September 2023 Episode 266

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Angad thanks Manveer, Seerat, and Japjyoth for their assistance, but he prefers to tackle the matter himself and does not require their assistance. Seerat tells him that he has been extremely helpful to her and that it is now her time. She tries to rip Sahiba’s photograph. Angad comes to a halt and removes the photograph. Rumi reads the news about Angad winning the businessman of the year award today and thinks Angad must be overjoyed because his news is printed in the paper, he won’t be alive tomorrow, and his obituary news will be printed in the paper tomorrow. Sahiba approaches event company owner Sanjeev and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with him. A few kids cheer and celebrate nearby. Sanjeev informs Sahiba that she would be decorating Angad’s award ceremony today. Sahiba cannot hear him and walks away from the noise. Rumi notices her and wonders where she is heading.

Seerat prepares for the prize ceremony. Jasleen steps in and asks whether she’s dressed up to entice Angad. Seerat says she’s heading to an award ceremony. Jasleen mentions Angad’s award ceremony and claims she is taking advantage of Sahiba’s absence to get closer to Angad. Seerat reminds her that she urged her to get closer to Angad and that her wicked intentions are working in her favor. Jasleen becomes enraged and states that she cannot speak to her in that manner. Seerat says she will treat her the same way she treats her and that she is finally getting the respect she deserves from Manveer. She continues to show Jasleen a mirror and asks her to let her wear the necklace now. Jasleen inquires if she purchased a cheap jewelry from Shimlapuri. Seerat claims she didn’t even have a cheap necklace because Garry had sold her jewelry for his debauchery. Manveer then gives her this diamond necklace and asks her to verify its authenticity. Jasleen storms out.

The family prepares for Angad’s award ceremony. Akaal asks Angad if he looks like the grandpa of the year’s businessman. Veer quips that he resembles Angad’s younger brother. Akaal expresses his desire to be referred to as Angad’s grandfather. Angad insists on being referred to as Akaal’s grandson. When Seerat runs up to Angad’s chest, they all race for the door. Everyone is taken aback by this. Japjyoth inquires as to what she is up to. Seerat claims she was attempting to keep Angad’s holy necklace from falling. Manveer says she did the right thing and asks her to put it around Angad’s neck. Seerat cheerfully repairs it. Angad envisions Sahiba and adopts her name. Hearing that, Seerat feels envious. Angad expresses his regret. Jasleen begs him not to apologize since he will undoubtedly assume Sahiba’s name subconsciously.

Manveer screams that Sahiba destroyed Angad’s life and that they should stop using her name. Jasleen begins to argue with her. Hansraj advises them to stop arguing because they are running late for the award ceremony. Sahiba is waiting for a cab. Rumi reconsiders hiring cabs for the connection road and cancels them. Sahiba wonders why cab drivers keep canceling rides. Seerat takes a selfie with her family before asking Angad for one. Veer decides to join them. Seerat frowns and takes a selfie. She cuts Veer’s photograph and sends Sahiba her and Angad’s selfie. Sahiba is upset and believes Angad wrongfully accused her, while he is taking a selfie with his true love Seerat.

Sahiba receives a package. Sahiba discovers Angad’s watch and blood-stained clothing in it, along with a note stating that he removed Angad from her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs down the road, worried about Angad. Rumi pulls over and asks what she’s doing here. According to Sahiba, Angad’s life is under jeopardy. Rumi tells her to get into his jeep and that he will assist her. She gains entry. He laughs.