Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th October 2023 Episode 295

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Sahiba flees Rumi and goes through the bush. She becomes uncomfortable when she discovers someone clutching her duppata and calms when she notices it is fastened to a tree. She pulls her dupatta back. The dupatta piece becomes entangled in the tree. Angad expresses gratitude to the man who saves him from the crowd. Man says Angad helped him reclaim his earing source/auto and asks where he should drop him off. Angad locates the crashed jet, asks him to dump him in a neighboring jungle, and leads him. Rumi looks for Sahiba. Sahiba hides behind a tree and sobs, feeling bad for not believing Angad. Rumi’s shoulder is soaked with her tears. The police arrive and inquire about Angad. The mob alerts police that they have apprehended Angad, but an auto driver takes him away and says he will hand over Angad to police. Inspector inquires as to whether they noted the auto number and where they went. Man shows him the photo of the car’s name and directions. Inspector orders constable to circulate the photo and track down the vehicle.

FM radio is being played by the car driver. RJ plays the song Jab Tak Jahan Mein Tera Naam Hai… Angad recalls Sahiba. Inder and Manveer then speak on FM, claiming that their son is not guilty and cannot harm anyone. Inder recommends that Angad surrender himself to police because the truth cannot be hidden and will be revealed shortly. Hearing their announcement, Santosh becomes enraged and accuses Manveer of lying in order to protect their son, Angad, who murdered Sahiba. After listening to his parents, the auto driver asks Angad if he wants to return home. Angad requests that he turn off the FM since he is looking for his wife. He observes police pursuing them and requests that the vehicle driver accelerate.

Rumi gets distracted by Sahiba, who binds him down with a rope. She restarts her run. Rumi is set free and goes in pursuit of Sahiba once more. He claims he’s coming for her and she can’t run. When the driver spots the cops surrounding the vehicle, he asks what he should do. Angad instructs him to turn right. Inspector fires at them but is unable to stop them. The auto driver comes to a halt, and there is a drain ahead. Angad praises him for his assistance and urges him to flee before the cops arrive. The auto driver bids him luck and drives away. Police are still looking for Angad. Rumi threatens Sahiba with death if she does not return to him.

Angad arrives in the vicinity of Sahiba. The mob notices him and lashes him on the tongue for mercilessly murdering Sahiba. They apprehend him and drag him to Santosh’s residence. Angad claims he did not murder Sahiba. A shard of glass pierces his foot. Sahiba also trips over a stone and falls. Rumi recognizes her voice and goes over to her.

To escape the throng, Angad threatens to kill Keerat. Rumi apprehends Sahiba. Sahiba hurts him. He grasps Sahiba’s hand.
Angad arrives there.