Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th October 2023 Episode 294

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Rumi and Sahiba begin the wedding ceremonies. Sahiba remembers Angad’s devotion to her. Rumi, in her opinion, will discover today what a true sikhni is capable of. Angad sees the area of the jet crash and tries to get there quickly to save Sahiba. Police intimidate Veer, Pam, and Shamim at the police station to reveal Angad’s location. They claim not to know. Constable Balwant claims that their tech team is looking through their mobile devices and will undoubtedly uncover any clues. Jaspal contacts Veer. Veer asks to be allowed to phone his father because he is entitled to one call. Balwant yells at him. To gain Angad’s clue, Inspector Gagan asks Balwant to let him talk to his father and puts the phone on speaker. Jaspal is informed by Veer that he is in jail in a conversation.

The family expresses concern for Angad. Gurleen asks Jaspal whether he spoke to Veer because he hasn’t been to take up her automobile. Veer, Pam, and Shamim were arrested for attempting to assist Angad, says Jaspal. When she sees her children in trouble, Japjot claims she feels useless and that her fortune is a waste. Jasleen enters and declares that Angad cannot be spared at this time since the person whose pictures were in newspapers as a businessman of the year is currently wanted by police. She displays Angad’s poster of capture. The news shocks the family. For the sake of Angad, Inder begs Manveer to accompany him as she leaves the house. Angad destroys the wanted posters after noticing them. He is spotted by a poster repairman, who then alerts the crowd. The mob captures him and alerts the police. Gagan and his squad proceed in that direction to find where Angad is hiding.

Rumi tells his deceased mother that she is getting her desired DIL as he continues the wedding ceremonies with Sahiba. He asks Sahiba to begin pheras with him and says this represents their journey while displaying his sketchbook. Sahiba declares that he is correct, shreds the book, and sets it ablaze. Fearful, Rumi queries what she is doing. Sahiba strikes the man with a fire stick and declares that she is Angad’s wife and that she would not put up with his crap. Rumi collapses and looks for his gun. He starts putting out fires once his clothing catches fire. From there, Sahiba departs in order to save Angad and herself.

The mob captures Angad while they wait for the cops. When they hear the police jeep siren, they decide to turn him over to the authorities. Angad shoos them away and takes off. Sahiba is called Natasha by Rumi as he looks for her and inquires as to if she is playing hide-and-seek with him. Sahiba begs God to protect her from the creature as she flees into the jungle. Crowds around Angad. A man who had aided Angad in the gurudwara stops his car and takes him away, saying that he will turn Angad over to the police. He expresses regret for mistreating Angad in an effort to save him. Angad responds that he comprehends and requests a method of contact. Man claims that after paying off his obligation by selling Angad’s golden kada, he overheard police discussing the need to apprehend Angad before he escaped while driving his car. As a result, the man went to save Angad. Thank you, Angad.

To get away from the mob, Angad threatens to kill Keerat. Catching Sahiba is Rumi. He is hurt by Sahiba. He Holds Sahiba’s hand.
When Angad gets there.