Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th September 2023 Episode 264

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Angad informs Sahiba that she is living alone in a hostel away from her family and should accept his money to cover her expenditures. Sahiba claims she can care for herself, and she thought he loved her paintings, but she was mistaken. She claims she wore his given gown even though she didn’t like it because he wanted to see her in it, but she has since understood he wanted to see Seerat in him. Angad wonders whether she is insane; she appears to be happy without him but is continuously using him and is overjoyed because of him. Sahiba continues to accuse him, detailing his tests on her. Angad walks away, claiming that the world will end but not the quarrel between Sahiba and Angad.

With teary eyes, Sahiba walks to the water vending machine. Rumi pretends to be speaking to his mother, telling her that he has a wonderful artist in his college whose paintings are well praised in art galleries, but she is furious because of some idiot. Sahiba wonders why he is talking to his mother about her. Rumi pretends to notice her and apologizes for telling his mother about her, saying he felt awful for her and thus told his mother about her. He offers her water and explains that when they are sad, he should drink water. After thanking him, Sahiba drinks water and departs. Rumi believes he spoke his heart out today and will soon speak her heart out.

Ajith questions Angad about how his and Sahiba’s relationship became so strained. Rumi returns home and sketches his and Sahiba’s sketches in a book, thinking that the time he spent with her today will remain in his mind as a happy memory for the rest of his life, and that she need not worry about Angad since he will teach Angad a lesson soon. Ajith says it’s fine if he doesn’t want to answer, but he can count on him for emotional support and goes away. Veer inquires about Angad’s well-being. Angad claims he was unable to respond to Ajith because his daughter had abandoned him without explanation.

Angad sits in the backyard at night, remembering his quarrel with Sahiba. Seerat approaches him and inquires as to why he is so disturbed. Angad claims to be fine. The maid brings him a package. Seerat reads a note in which it is said that the Ludhiana Art Gallery has given Sahiba’s artwork as a gift for him and inquires as to what Sahiba wishes to prove. Angad says to forget about it. Seerat finds a plain canvas and inquires of Angad as to why Sahiba sent him a plain canvas. Angad is perplexed. Angad returns to his room, unable to sleep because of Sahiba’s statements. He walks in after hearing someone in the restroom. He is taken aback to see Karthik handling Sahiba’s belongings. He drags him out of the bathroom, yelling who he is and how dare he touch his wife’s personal items.

Veer intervenes, stating that Karthik is a buddy of his and that they were partying together. Angad inquires as to what his pal is doing in his restroom. Karthik claims he needed to pee and came here because Veer was in his bathroom. Angad claims he has never seen Karthik in his friend network. Veer claims they only met today at a gathering and recalls Karthik enjoying music and Veer wanting to show him his musical instruments and bring him home. Karthik, he claims, studies photography at Sahiba’s institution. Karthik inquires of Angad as to if he is Sahiba’s spouse. He claims Sahiba was furious throughout the exhibition, but he was taken aback by her amazing dance at the celebration. Veer whisks him away, leaving Angad angry.

Sahiba receives a package. Sahiba discovers Angad’s watch and blood-stained clothing in it, along with a note stating that he removed Angad from her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs down the road, worried about Angad. Rumi pulls over and asks what she’s doing here. According to Sahiba, Angad’s life is under jeopardy. Rumi tells her to get into his jeep and that he will assist her. She gains entry. He laughs.