Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th October 2023 Episode 293

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Angad becomes worried when Tani falls down and tries to comfort her. Madhu comes over, accuses Angad of harming Tani, and tends to her injury. Angad insists he didn’t do anything. Inspector Gagan advises them to take Tani to a doctor since her bleeding won’t stop. Angad fetches tea powder from the kitchen and applies it to Tani’s wound, claiming it will stop the bleeding. Tani grabs his hand, and Angad calls her Simran, assuring her that she’ll be okay. Tani asks who Simran is. Veer explains that Simran is their younger sister, whom Angad cares for deeply. Madhu claims he hurt Tani and is now pretending to be concerned. Tani defends Angad, saying he didn’t harm her, and her injury happened when their father tried to free her. Angad clarifies that he doesn’t want to cause them any trouble; he’s just trying to find his missing wife because he’s worried about her.

Shamim provides the past six months’ location data for Rumi. Angad notices that Rumi’s location coincides with his house, Sahiba’s college, and a place outside Ludhiana. He cross-references this with the plane crash location and concludes they match. He is convinced that Rumi must have taken Sahiba to that place. Meanwhile, Rumi continues to pressure Sahiba to marry him and forcefully puts a garland around her neck. Sahiba tells him that his sins will catch up with him, and he will be punished. Rumi claims that Angad will be the one to face the consequences of his crimes and will be given the death penalty. Sahiba continues to rebuke him, and Rumi threatens her with a gun, taking a selfie with his mother’s photo.

Constable Balwinder and his team arrive at Gagan’s house and remember hearing Madhu mentioning that Angad is there. Balwinder thinks that Angad was just pretending not to alert Angad. Shamim and Pam chat with Tani, saying they’ll bring chocolates the next time they visit. Balwinder enters with his team and asks Madhu about Angad’s whereabouts. Madhu asks how she knows about Angad. Balwinder says she told him Angad was there. Madhu claims he must have misunderstood. He questions who the two girls are. Madhu says they are Tani’s school teachers. Pam and Shamim leave the scene. Balwinder inquires about Gagan. Madhu says Gagan is sleeping. Gagan manages to free his mouth and shouts that he is here. Madhu remembers Angad leaving the house just before the constable arrived.

Angad, hiding in a car trunk, heads to Rumi’s location with Veer, Pam, and Shamim. He hopes to find Sahiba there and prays she is safe. A police jeep blocks their car, and Gagan gets Veer, Pam, and Shamim out of the car, asking about Angad’s whereabouts. They claim not to know. Gagan opens the car trunk, confident that Angad is inside, but instead, he finds Angad’s gun and a message from Angad stating that he’s returning the gun and will go back to the police station once he locates Sahiba. Veer thinks Angad might have gone to the jungle in search of Sahiba. Rumi continues his psychotic behavior, forcing Sahiba to perform pre-wedding rituals. Sahiba believes Angad is in trouble because of her and vows to save him at any cost after escaping from Rumi.

In the next episode, Sahiba senses Angad’s presence nearby and longs for him. Rumi enters as a groom and forcefully tries to marry her, leading to a confrontation.