Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd September 2023 Episode 263

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Sahiba’s tutor tells Ajith that his daughter is a gifted artist who will soon reach new heights. Sahiba grins as she thanks the teacher for recognizing her efforts. Rumi enjoys the way Sahiba’s eyes glitter when she grins. He takes pictures of her and fantasizes about romancing her. Teacher snaps him out of his reverie and instructs him to go take a picture of Sahiba and her family for publication in a magazine. Rumi takes photographs of them. Sahiba observes a fainting classmate and runs over to help her. The event organizer asks Angad whether he hasn’t chosen a painting yet. Angad claims that none of the paintings piqued his interest. She instructs him to examine all of the paintings in the hopes that he would find his desired painting. They enter the student section. Seerat believes Sahiba is nowhere to be located.

A lover of art Mr Kalra admiringly examines Sahiba’s picture. Rumi identifies himself as the event’s official photographer and claims that anybody who sees this painting compliments it. He describes the painting’s specialty and the artist. Mr Kalra is impressed with his artistic and commercial judgment and agrees to purchase it. Angad then examines the painting and expresses a wish to purchase it. The event organizer claims to have bid on it. Before bidding, Angad says he wants to meet the artist. Sahiba’s teacher inquires as to if he knows who the artist is. No, says Angad. The organizer states that the artist must be nearby, that they will begin bidding first, and that the base prize will remain at 2 lakhs. They both bid and raise the price to 50 lakhs. Seerat requests that Angad halt his bidding. Kalra wonders why Angad gave up so readily. Angad hands over a blank cheque to the organizer and instructs her to fill it with whatever amount Mr Kalra bids. Kalra claims he gave up and that the painting belonged to Angad. Angad expresses a desire to meet the artist right away.

Sahiba is back. The organizer informs her that her picture has been bid on and purchased by an art enthusiast with a blank cheque. Sahiba inquires as to who that is. According to the organizer, it is Brar Jeweler’s Angad Singh Brar. Sahiba becomes enraged and inquires if he is still present. Organizer inquires as to why she became enraged upon hearing Angad’s name. From that, Sahiba storms out. Seerat informs Angad that he should not have bid so high for an unknown artist’s painting. According to Angad, art is bigger than an artist. Sahiba approaches him and says his ego is much larger for him. Angad is taken aback to see Sahiba there. Seerat questions Sahiba on why she is speaking to Angad in this manner. Sahiba claims to be the creator of the picture. Angad, according to Seerat, preferred Sahiba’s painting out of the entire exhibition.

Sahiba refuses to sell Angad her artwork. Seerat informs Angad that they must depart immediately. Angad says, “Wait,” and asks Sahiba why she won’t sell him her picture. When he can’t appreciate her, he can’t value her painting, according to Sahiba. Seerat claims she can’t act inappropriately around Angad. Sahiba claims that’s her artwork, and Angad is buying it, so why is she interfering? Angad claims he likes the painting and wants to buy it; he has no idea it’s hers. According to Sahiba, money is not everything in life; loyalty and self-respect are important, but only a few/Seerat is chasing money. Angad claims she cannot doubt his loyalty. Sahiba departs. Angad follows her and clutches her hand.

Sahiba frees herself and asks if he wants to show the world how talented he is by purchasing his wife’s artwork. Angad has stated that he will pay more for the painting. Rumi vows to kill Angad for daring to touch Sahiba. Sahiba inquires as to the nature of the payment. Angad claims that she is sleeping in a hostel and may require money for glancing at her painting for 15 minutes and enjoying it. Sahiba claims she felt he sincerely loved her art, but he is unchangeable.

Sahiba receives a package. Sahiba discovers Angad’s watch and blood-stained clothing in it, along with a note stating that he removed Angad from her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs down the road, worried about Angad. Rumi pulls over and asks what she’s doing here. According to Sahiba, Angad’s life is under jeopardy. Rumi tells her to get into his jeep and that he will assist her. She gains entry. He laughs.