Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd October 2023 Episode 292

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Angad hears the doorbell and wonders who’s there. Veer suggests they don’t open the door, but Angad worries that it might be someone from the police station who will get suspicious. Angad decides to free Inspector Gagan’s wife, Madhu, and asks her to check without causing any commotion. Madhu opens the door and finds a sub-inspector looking for Inspector Gagan, who hasn’t returned to the police station after lunch, and his phone is off. Gagan tries to shout, but Angad silences him. Madhu lies that Gagan is unwell and sleeping. Gagan tries to signal for help, but Angad stops him. The sub-inspector receives a call and leaves. Madhu tries to inform him about Angad, but he doesn’t listen. Angad asks Veer to lock Madhu in a bathroom, apologizing to her before doing so.

Dani gets more frightened and asks Gagan when these people will leave. Angad reassures her that he won’t harm her and ties her to a chair. He instructs Shamim to find Rumi’s house’s landline number. Gagan pretends to be asleep to distract Angad and manages to make a call. Angad is shocked to hear about Natasha’s death three years ago. He pretends to be shocked and inquires further. Shamim finds information about the location of a wrecked plane through old news articles. Gagan tells Dani to run away through a window, reach a neighbor, and inform them about what’s happening. However, Dani falls and gets injured. Angad is worried about her bleeding and frees her. He asks Veer to bring Madhu.

Rumi continues to pressure Sahiba to marry him. He imagines taking her to his mother, urging her to come to the wedding and bless them. He shows Sahiba various items he stole from her and the handkerchief he gave her when he was hiding in her room. Sahiba becomes tense due to his erratic behavior.

In the preview, Sahiba senses Angad’s presence and misses him. Rumi arrives dressed as a groom and forcefully tries to marry her. Angad fights with some goons and approaches Sahiba.