Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd October 2023 Episode 291

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When Angad hears the doorbell ring, he tells Inspector Ahuja’s wife to go check and not try to fool him, or else he will kill her daughter. Inspector’s wife inquires as to who it is.
A lady inquires as to whether the inspector is at home. Pam and Shamim, two of Angad’s staff, step in. Inspector asks who they are; they have no idea this man is a criminal. Veer comes in next. Inspector inquires as to what he is doing here. Veer claims that Angad summoned them here. Rumi sings Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Band Ho.. and claims that he has trapped Angad in Sahiba’s murder and that he will never be able to leave jail or marry Seerat; he has taken Sahiba’s wrath from Angad and now Angad will never bother her. He tells her that they are getting married tonight. Sahiba is stunned.

Angad informs Veer that Sahiba is still alive, and that Rumi stole her, murdered another female, and replaced her with Sahiba. Veer wonders how he knows Sahiba is still alive. Angad claims to have hugged and touched the girl’s hand; he recognizes Sahiba’s touch and is certain that girl was not Sahiba. Inspector orders him to stop lying and informs his wife that Angad murdered his wife and is acting, and inquires as to how he can be so certain. Angad claims he held Sahiba’s hand when she died and didn’t let go till she came back to life. Inspector suggests that if he is a powerful god, he should quit trying to deceive others with his fabricated claim. Angad instructs Pam and Shamim to set up their laptop in a sitting room and find out where Sahiba was last seen.

Rumi presents Sahiba his mother’s clothes and begs her to wear them to the wedding. Sahiba declines. Rumi shoots at the chair and threatens her with a gun if she doesn’t accept. Sahiba sobs, feeling bad for not believing Angad and believing she belongs entirely to Angad. Rumi requests that she forget about Angad and marry him. Sahiba declares that she will never forget Angad since she belongs exclusively to him. He fires again near her and cautions her.

Shamim looks for Sahiba’s last mobile location and discovers it is from the Brar mansion. Angad wonders how this is possible and instructs her to check Rumi’s latest two texts on his phone, which is connected to his laptop. Shamim examines the photographs. Angad requests that she locate it. Shamim claims she requires some time. Angad examines Rumi’s mother’s social media account and discovers that she died three years ago, but Angad has been repeating messages from her account for the past week. Rumi, according to Veer, has a wicked mentality and is planning something. Angad wonders where Rumi is now and prays that Sahiba is safe. Sahiba dresses in Rumi’s mother’s attire and vows to flee at any cost. Rumi dresses in groom’s attire and insists on being ready for the wedding. Angad remembers spending time with Sahiba. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background.

Precap: Sahiba misses Angad and senses him about him. Rumi appears as a groom and attempts to forcefully marry her.
Angad defeats the thugs and arrives at Sahiba.