Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st September 2023 Episode 261

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Rumi takes his jeep and heads for Sahiba. Sahiba flees in terror. Rumi believes Sahiba told Riddhi she is an independent woman, which is why she spoke to Angad; she must forget about Angad and accept him. Sahiba collapses and begs for rescue. Rumi smacks himself and believes he can’t hurt his Sahiba since he became enraged after witnessing Sahiba with Angad. He drives away in his car and phones his mother. Sahiba picks up her broken belongings from the road and wonders who wanted to kill her. Rumi admits to his mother that he made a mistake and should not have attempted to harm Sahiba, but he becomes enraged anytime he sees Sahiba with Angad; he should be punished and wonders what his punishment should be. Sahiba gets into an auto and watches Rumi going along the street, talking on the phone. She calls to him, but he remains deep in contemplation. Rumi asks his mother what his punishment should be. When he is hit by a motorbike, he falls and injures his forehead. Biker apologizes and offers assistance. Rumi discovers his forehead is bleeding and informs his mother that he has received his punishment.

The Brar family is still waiting for Seerat to persuade Angad and bring him home. Veer informs his family that he doubts Seerat would be able to persuade Angad because Angad refuses to listen to anyone. Manveer refuses to eat anything until Angad returns.
Seerat enters. Japjyoth inquires whether she also failed to bring Angad home. Angad enters. Seerat reports that Angad has arrived. Manveer expresses his gratitude to Seerat for upholding her pledge. She then curses Sahiba and requests that Angad divorce Sahiba. Inder supports Sahiba and believes that divorce is not the solution. Angad should resolve his disagreement with Sahiba, persuade her, and bring her back home. Angad claims he doesn’t care because Sahiba disregarded his words. Manveer claims it is not Angad’s fault because they forced him to marry Sahiba; nevertheless, she believes it would have been better if they had forced him to marry Seerat because Seerat knows him better.

Seerat is pleased to hear this and believes that everyone in the family is under Sahiba’s control except Manveer; Manveer is the only one who thinks correctly; she wants to impress Manveer more in order to obtain Angad. Manveer is calling her, according to Maid. Seerat approaches Manveer and claims to be making soup for her. Manveer tells her mother she made her happy and gifts her a diamond necklace. Seerat pauses. Manveer is adamant. Seerat accepts it and walks away, instructing her to finish her soup. She is overjoyed and believes that God is on her side. Ajith contacts her and inquires about what happened between Sahiba and Angad, while Sahiba refuses to divulge anything. Seerat questions how she will know about a husband and wife’s problem. Ajith tells her about Sahiba’s art exhibition and invites her to go in order to boost her spirits. Why should she, argues Seerat, let Angad go? Ajith claims that Sahiba did not invite Angad. Seerat believes it’s a good thing Sahiba didn’t invite Angad. Sahiba returns to his hostel room, contemplating the encounter on the road. Rumi looks at her on his phone screen and believes he will soon receive her.

Sahiba receives a package. Sahiba discovers Angad’s watch and blood-stained clothing in it, along with a note stating that he removed Angad from her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs down the road, worried about Angad. Rumi pulls over and asks what she’s doing here. According to Sahiba, Angad’s life is under jeopardy. Rumi tells her to get into his jeep and that he will assist her. She gains entry. He laughs.