Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st October 2023 Episode 290

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Rumi bandages Sahiba’s bullet wound and tells her that his mother taught him how to bandage wounds and that she need not be concerned since she will not experience pain. Agastya approaches the police station disguised as an elderly gentleman. Inspector is informed by the constable that Angad is well-known and will be easily apprehended. Angad approaches them and informs them that he wishes to register a complaint. Inspector summons constable to Sardarji. Angad inquires of the constable whether he is the same officer from whom a wealthy criminal escaped. Constable answers yes and inquires about his situation. Angad claims that his nephew took over his elder brother and his farm, and he wants the police to punish him. The constable inquires about the address. Angad claims that he is too elderly to remember addresses. The constable requests that he go and bring the address. Angad has left the police station.

Inspector returns home and inquires about his daughter Dani with his wife. He is taken aback to see Angad there. Angad brandishes a knife at Dani. Rumi fails to halt Sahiba’s blood flow and lifts her leg, claiming it will do so. Sahiba kicks him away, tells him not to touch her, and claims her family will find him soon. Rumi claims that Angad will not attend. Sahiba claims that while Angad is busy marrying her sister, her parents would pursue him. Rumi declares that she is no longer visible to the rest of the world and shows her a video in which police arrest Angad on suspicion of murdering Sahiba. Angad threatens the inspector not to approach him or he will kill his daughter. Inspector reacts and questions the woman about allowing a criminal inside the house. Angad explains how he broke into the house and kidnapped Dani. He demands that the inspector’s wife tie the inspector to a chair if she wants her daughter to be safe. Inspector’s wife binds him to a chair.

Sahiba is taken aback when he sees the footage. Rumi explains how he replaced her with a dead female and blamed her death on Angad. Sahiba claims that Angad will not spare him if he finds out. Rumi claims that only they know she is alive. On Angad’s orders, the inspector’s wife ties him to a chair. Inspector inquires of Angad what he expects from him. Angad claims he tried to communicate with him, but the inspector refused to listen; his wife is still alive.

Precap: Sahiba misses Angad and senses him about him. Rumi appears as a groom and attempts to forcefully marry her.
Angad defeats the thugs and arrives at Sahiba.