Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th October 2023 Episode 289

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Sahiba believes she must escape Rumi’s clutches at any costs. Rumi gives her barbecued mushrooms and says he heard she likes mushrooms at the college canteen. Sahiba requests to use the restroom. Rumi claims that this is a jungle, and that the bedroom, washroom, and bathroom are all the same. She begs him to release her. He sets her go and tells her not to wander too far away. She walks away from him beneath a sheet. Rumi notices a noise and inquires if she is present. Say yes, Sahiba. He becomes preoccupied. She walks away silently, making no sound.

Angad notices family members reciting antim ardaas/last prayers for Sahiba and decides he should stop because Sahiba is still alive. Veer recognizes him and tells him that he can spot his elder brother in millions of people and that he should not attend Sahiba’s antim ardaas. Angad claims he has come to stop antim ardaas since Sahiba is still alive. They hide in the prayer room when they notice cops searching for Angad. The police officer approaches up to Brars and assures them that they are looking for Angad and are confident he will come here. He claims to have received a shoot at sight order and requests that they notify them if Angad arrives. From there, Angad departs. Police are still looking for him. Inspector claims that a criminal has fled from his prison for the first time, and he is certain that Angad will be apprehended. Angad believes he should see Inspector before he is apprehended.

Sahiba tries to flee. The alarm goes off. Rumi becomes aware and rushes to her. He claims she made a mistake by attempting to flee. Sahiba warns him not to approach her. He shoots at her leg, and she collapses in pain. He claims the bullet only hit her leg and escaped. He shoots his leg to feel her misery, then roughly lifts and drags her back to the crashed jet. Sahiba feels bad for misbehaving with Angad and comparing him to Rumi. Rumi continues to demonstrate his insane character as he nurses Sahiba’s wound.

Rumi tries to forcefully marry Sahiba.
Angad claims he is on his way to save Sahiba.