Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th October 2023 Episode 288

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At the Sikh temple, Angad asks a man for help. The man wonders how a poor person like him can assist. Angad offers his gold bracelet and explains his plan in private. Meanwhile, Sahiba is shocked to see her name as “Mrs. Natasha Rumi Baweja” in a password. Rumi claims she is Natasha Baweja now, as his mom gave her that name and accepted her. He threatens her with a gun to say she is Natasha Baweja. Sahiba complies, and Rumi forces her to introduce herself confidently. She does as he says and identifies herself as Natasha Baweja. Rumi threatens to harm her and himself if she doesn’t agree. He tells his mother that Sahiba has agreed, and she goes along with it, thinking it’s her only way to escape, hoping her family doesn’t know she’s been kidnapped.

The Brars organize a prayer for Sahiba at the temple. Santosh remembers a saint’s warning about trouble in Sahiba’s life and regrets not taking it seriously. She blames Seerat for Sahiba’s predicament and accuses her of being involved with Sahiba’s husband. Seerat defends herself, and Santosh realizes she shouldn’t blame the innocent. She shifts the blame to Manveer for causing problems for Sahiba from the beginning, including announcing Seerat and Angad’s wedding. Some family members insist that Seerat should leave the prayer meet.

Santosh stands up for Seerat and shifts the blame to Manveer for Sahiba’s troubles. She wants Seerat to stay. Rumi ties Sahiba to a chair and cooks food, fulfilling his dream of a date with her. Sahiba is trying to find a way to escape. Angad is upset, thinking about Manveer announcing his wedding to Seerat. He prays for Sahiba’s safety and hopes she will be found soon.

In the next episode, Sahiba tries to escape from Rumi when he allows her to go to the washroom. An alarm goes off, and Rumi regrets his decision to let her go. Sahiba warns him to stay put, but Rumi shoots her, and she falls to the ground.