Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th October 2023 Episode 287

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Angad flees the cops and takes refuge in a bus. Police search the bus and discover that he has escaped once more. Agastya then hides in a vehicle, believing he would save Sahiba. Brars awaits Angad’s arrival in the court. When the van comes, the inspector notifies the commissioner that Angad has escaped. The news has shaken the family. According to the inspector, Angad wounded himself while being transported in a van and escaped after duping them. Ajith informs Akaal that Angad proved he murdered Sahiba. According to his lawyer, Angad committed a crime and will now be considered a murderer by the media and the people. Seerat wonders why Angad escaped. Keerat claims that Angad is still alive, but her sister is no longer living; Seerat should be humiliated for supporting Angad. Veer claims that Angad believes Sahiba is alive and has gone in quest of her. Keerat requests that he not fabricate a tale to cover up his brother’s misbehavior. Inder wonders where Angad is right now.

Angad exits the truck and walks down the road while wearing a shawl. He overhears people discussing Angad’s escape and how he is wealthy and will live a nice life in some faraway place. Angad speculates about where Rumi may have taken Sahiba. Rumi releases Sahiba, saying he doesn’t want to hurt her because he loves her. He promises to take her to his mother and leads her to the other side of the crashed jet. He displays images of himself and his mother and claims that his mother is seated exactly on the table. Sahiba claims that she cannot see anyone. Rumi screams that she, too, is lying, just like Yash, who did everything he could to convince him that his mother had died. He recalls Yash informed him that his mother Natasha perished in an aircraft crash four days earlier and that he did not inform him since the body was completely destroyed.

Rumi informs Sahiba that Yash brought him to this aircraft and that this is the trip on which his mother died, but he can see her in this flight. Sahiba knows Rumi is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his mother’s death. Angad arrives to a gurudwara and overhears constables discussing how the commissioner has issued a red alert and Angad will be apprehended shortly. He seeks refuge in a gurudwara. Rumi requests that Sahiba touch his mother’s feet, stating that his mother adored her and accepted her as bahu. Sahiba refuses to marry him because she is already married to Angad. Rumi claims she is already married to him under a new name, Natasha, and exhibits her new passport. In a gurudwara, a lady recognizes Angad. Angad goes into hiding. Lady proceeds to alert the gurdwara administration. Angad is considering where he can hide now.

Precap: Sahiba is hoping to locate someone who can assist her in escaping Rumi. An alarm goes off. Angad disguises himself as an ancient name and witnesses family praying for Sahiba. He believes he would show everyone that Sahiba is still alive. Sahiba tries to flee. Rumi fires at her.