Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th October 2023 Episode 286

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Ajith blames Manveer and Seerat for Sahiba’s departure from the house and Angad’s murder of Sahiba. Ajith tells Akaal that he came here to testify against Angad and ensure that he is imprisoned. Manveer begs Ajith not to say anything like that. Ajith tells Akaal that he prays to God to make Angad’s life worse than hell.

Romi offers Sahiba Adrat wala chai since she enjoys it, but Sahiba simply pushes it away. Sahiba’s hand is burned. Romi promises Sahiba that he will love her forever and grant all of her wishes.

Sahiba wonders how she got here. Romi claims he brought her here. Romi describes her visit to the grass area.

Romi disguises himself as a clown and injects her with chloroform to knock her out. Romi disguises Sahiba as a woman clown and transports her from the Brar estate.

The constables discuss Angad’s conviction by the court. Angad believes he must flee. Angad has a hand injury. When the constable notices the blood, he asks Angad what happened. The constable decides to inform the inspector. The inspector orders the van to come to a halt.

Sahiba is sorry for not listening to Angad and believes she should not have forgiven Romi. Romi tells Sahiba not to mention Angad’s name in front of her because he will be angry.

The inspector inquires of the constables as to how Angad was injured. The constables said they have no idea. The inspector requests that Angad’s shackles be removed so that he can be treated.

Sahiba tells Romi that she’d sooner die than work with him. Romi requests that Sahiba refrain from speaking in such a manner. Romi reminds Sahiba of how Angad has injured her and claims that he has only caused her grief. Romi is asked to leave Sahiba. Romi replies he would never do that and informs Sahiba that she will meet his mother today.

DCP encounters Akaal. The lawyer inquires of DCP as to the whereabouts of Angad. DCP says he’ll look into it. DCP contacts Inspector Ahuja and inquires as to what transpired. According to the inspector, Angad was injured. Hearing this, DCP orders the inspector to transport Angad to the hospital. The inspector concurs.

A mob has gathered around the van. They gossip about Angad, and the crowd believes he should be slain on the road because he murdered his wife. Angad believes this is an excellent opportunity. Angad pushes the cops and flees the van. The inspector attempts to shoot Angad but is distracted by the crowd. Angad manages to elude the cops. Angad is being pursued by cops.

Romi tightens Sahiba’s rope. Romi tells Sahiba that he is overjoyed because two extremely significant persons in his life are about to meet. Romi tells Sahiba not to try to defraud him and shows her his revolver.

Precap: Romi instructs Sahiba to smile because she is about to see his mother; if she does not, he will slash her mouth and permanently make her grin.