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Jasleen informs the Brar family that they must face the fact that Angad murdered Sahiba and will never be released from prison. Manveer yells at her for speaking negatively about her son. Jasleen inquires as to why she is so enraged; she is not the only one here who refuses to face the reality; police captured Angad red-handed with a murder weapon in Sahiba’s chamber. She claims Garry did not murder Seerat when he was forced to leave home and accuses them of failing to stop Garry; she claims they referred to Garry as a fake coin of this house, but Angad proved to be the biggest fake coin of this house, destroying fmaily’s dignity; they must accept that Angad will never be released from prison in his life. Inder cautions her not to say anything stupid since nothing bad will happen to his son. Seerat requests that she refrain from comparing Garry to Angad because Garry used to physically and mentally harass her, whereas Angad respects her. She promises to support Angad during his difficult times and to ensure that he returns to her. Hearing that, the family is stunned.

Manveer claims that this is the difference between Seerat and Sahiba: Sahiba used to fight with Angad, but Seerat fights for Angad; they must face the truth that Seerat was created for Angad. Japjot claims that Sahiba never argued with Angad without a reason, and she was proven correct. Akaal says now is not the time to quarrel among themselves about getting Angad out of jail soon; he believes Angad is innocent and is being held captive by someone. Veer wonders who will catch Angad. Inder said Angad will be hauled to court tomorrow and hopes to be granted bail. Angad is being led to court by police. Reporters beat him on the tongue for viciously murdering his wife. Inder walks up to Angad with Veer and tells him not to worry about the reporters and to think about winning bail from the court; he should be firm that he did not murder Sahiba. Angad claims he did not murder Sahiba and that she is still alive. Inder claims he needs to get out of jail to show this, and they suspect he is being held captive. Veer wonders who that person is. Rumi’s preoccupation with Sahiba makes Angad wary of him.

Sahiba regains consciousness and is surprised to find herself bound in a remote location. She wonders where she is and who brought her here. Rumi enters, singing and professing his love for her. Sahiba is taken aback to see him. Rumi warmly welcomes her aboard. Angad is loaded into a police van and driven to court. Angad wonders if Rumi kidnapped Sahiba, murdered someone, and imprisoned him. He recalls all that happened, including Rumi’s fascination with Sahiba. Rumi is reminded of Sahiba’s promise not to return. Rumi claims he was not on the New York aircraft at all. Sahiba admits to making a mistake. Rumi claims to be repairing his error. Sahiba cautions him to stay away from her, that he should not take her name with his filthy mouth, that he is a monster, and so on. Rumi compliments her voice and begs her to try to comprehend him. Sahiba expresses her unwillingness and requests that he release her. Rumi claims that only incoming traffic is permitted here and that no outbound traffic is permitted.

Brars arrive to court and await Angad. Manveer begs Akaal to help him save Angad, who is confined. Akaal admits he knows and wants her to believe in God. Manveer begs God to help her save her kid. Seerat consoles her, saying that once Angad is free, they would go to the shrine with him. Ajith walks in with Keerat and says that they are also heading to Gurdwara to pray for Sahiba, that Angad murdered Sahiba and that they are attempting to protect Angad, that God will never forgive Angad, and that he will pray to God to punish Angad severely. Akaal claims to understand his mental state. Ajith says he doesn’t know what his state of mind is; Angad may have murdered Sahiba, but the true killers are Seerat and Akaal; if they hadn’t pushed Sahiba to leave the house, Sahiba would still be alive; he would ask the judge to give Sahiba justice.

Angad flees from the cops. Rumi requests that Sahiba refrain from using Angad’s name in front of her and to kindly comply. Sahiba claims she would rather die than cooperate with him. He displays a knife to her.
She becomes terrified. Angad races down the road, crying out to Sahiba.