Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th October 2023 Episode 282

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Jasleen mocks Seerat by saying that a person she wants to be with does not want to break his previous relationship and offers her a kerchief to wipe her tears. Seerat plans to use her malicious ways to shatter Angad and Sahiba’s relationship, force Angad to follow his mamma’s instruction, and then marry Angad. Jasleen claims to be overconfident. Seerat walks away, mocking her for doing nothing but peering into other people’s lives. Keerat informs Ajith about Seerat’s nefarious schemes, Manveer’s backing for her, and the entire episode. Ajith questions why she didn’t inform him after so much has transpired and calls Sahiba anxious about her, becoming agitated when she doesn’t pick up the phone. Veer phones Angad, who informs him that Sahiba is not answering his calls, that he is on his way to her college, and that he hopes she is alright. Veer informs Ajith about the situation.

Angad enters Sahiba’s hostel room and discovers her sleeping on a study table. He claims that while he is aware that she is angry at Manveer’s stunning disclosure, he was unaware of it and want to clear up any confusion. He grips her and begs her to listen to him, surprised to see blood. He raises her and is surprised to find her dead. He pulls out a scissor thrust into her neck. He grabs her hand and cries while cuddling her, glancing at her jewelry. He suddenly understands it’s not Sahiba’s touch, but the girl is dressed and wearing Sahiba’s jewelry. He believes that if this girl is not Sahiba, then Sahiba is in danger wherever she is. The police arrive. Inspector brandishes a gun at him and orders him to down his weapon. The constable checks the girl’s pulse and informs her that she is deceased. According to another officer, Angad physically deformed his wife’s face. Inspector says he’s been arrested for the murder of his wife Sahiba.

Students discuss Sahiba’s stay in a hostel room due to Angad. According to the Warden, Angad was having troubles with Sahiba and was brutally murdered here. Professor also informs the inspector that Sahiba informed him of her disagreements with Angad. Angad claims she is not Sahiba since he knows his wife is missing and in danger. The inspector does not listen to him and arrests him. Veer enters the hostel room and is surprised to see a dead body and students discussing how Angad would kill Sahiba. Angad notices Veer and inquires about Sahiba. Veer laments the loss of Sahiba. Angad informs him that this is not Sahiba and requests that he locate her. Inspector inquires as to his identity. Veer claims to be Angad’s younger sibling. Inspector inquires about any issues between Angad and Sahiba. Veer agrees. Inspector inquires as to whether Angad came here in pursuit of Sahiba. Angad insists on finding Sahiba as soon as possible. Veer believes Angad is telling the truth.

While Angad continues to plead, the inspector drags him in a jeep. The media arrives and covers the story. Brars is taken aback by the news. Manveer claims that her kid cannot be arrested. Inder claims that his son will never murder Sahiba. Seerat wonders what will happen to her now that Angad is in jail. Manveer trips. Inder is holding her. Akaal claims reporters are lying and threatens to sue them. According to Akaal, the news has traveled throughout the media and is displaying messages. The entire family receives messages.

Angad flees from the cops. Rumi kidnaps Sahiba and claims they are now two bodies with one spirit.