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Angad informs Keerat that he believed he would try to persuade Sahiba to stay, but after hearing Keerat, Sahiba seemed to have chosen to leave this residence. Veer asks him not to give up hope and to attempt to persuade her. Angad tells them not to worry about it. Manveer steps aside. Inder announces the musical chair game between Sahiba and Simran. Simran is the winner of the game. Inder presents her with a prize and congratulates her. Manveer, accompanied by Angad, approaches Simran and invites her to play with her pals. She informs Inder that she has an announcement to make. Inder hands her the microphone. Manveer calls Angad close to her and says that when Angad was born, she received her entire life back and he is a blessing to her, but when it came time to choose a life mate for Angad, she and her family made a terrible mistake.

Angad inquires of Manveer what she is saying in front of everyone. Manveer interrupts him and says Angad selected the right girl, but his family forced him to marry the wrong girl, Sahiba, and now that Sahiba is gone, she wants Angad to marry Seerat, who only thinks positive about Angad and the Brar family. While the Brar family and Sahiba are surprised, Seerat is overjoyed. Manveer summons Seerat to the stage. Guests discuss how they knew there was friction between Angad and Sahiba since Seeerat is Garry’s widow, how can Angad have an eye on his brother’s widow, and Seerat is shameless to have an eye on her sister’s spouse. Prabjot inquires of Hansraj whether Angad will marry Seerat. Hansraj says he might because Garry isn’t present this time to elope with Seerat.

Inder confronts Seerat about her cheap joke and questions Angad about it. Angad expresses his disbelief and informs Manveer that he has to speak with her. Jasleen inquires of Manveer how she may announce her DIL’s wedding with Angad. Manveer claims she is an elder DIL of the Brar family and it is her responsibility to consider what is best for the family; she wanted to discuss it with Jasleen before making a straight declaration. Sahiba is shattered. Gurleen and Veer seize her and condemn Manveer’s announcement. Keerat believes that Angad’s silence indicates that Angad does not want to stop Sahiba and instead wishes to marry Cindy. Gurleen assures Sahiba that only she would be Angad’s wife and confronts Manveer.

Manveer is confronted by the entire Brar family for her cheap behavior, but Manveer is certain that Angad’s pleasure is in marrying Seerat. Seerat approaches Sahiba and says whatever the family says, whatever Manveer believes will happen. She claims she was Angad’s choice from the start and will marry him at whatever cost; Sahiba should leave Angad’s life gently. From there, Sahiba walks slowly. Angad motions for her to stop and rushes up to her. Japjot stops him and asks why he didn’t inform them about Manveer’s decision earlier. Angad says he has no idea and walks approaching Sahiba. Gurleen and Jaspal are the next to stop him. Sahiba departs. Angad is set free. Manveer then stops him and tells him to let Sahiba go. Angad warns her to stop and asks Sahiba, via the mic, if she can hear him, please don’t go. He dashes out the door, looking for Sahiba.

Seerat informs Manveer that her entire family is opposed to her decision; what will she do now? Manveer claims she announced her decision and intends to stick to it. Angad inquires of Veer and Keerat whether they saw Sahiba. Keerat advises him to quit acting concerned about Sahiba and to let her leave. Angad dashes out the door. Seerat takes his hand in his and says, “Let Sahiba go.” Agnad releases his hand and inquires if she is wearing gloves with Manveer. Seerat advises him to ignore Sahiba because she is his past and imagine a wonderful future with her. Sahiba is Angad’s life, he warns. She walks alongside him. He yells at her to quit following him and walks away. Jasleen overhears their chat and mocks Seerat for her failed scheme. Angad inquires of the watchmen whether Sahiba went out. No, say the watchmen. Angad drives away, hoping Sahiba is okay.

Precap: Angad urges that Sahiba listen to him once more because mama made a mistake and he wants to clarify the air between them. He is astounded to discover her body with a scissors stabbed to her neck. He is arrested for the murder of his wife.