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Angad watches Sahiba coming out of his room and inquires as to where she is heading. Sahiba claims to have seen whatever he intended to show her. It’s their room, according to Angad. According to Sahiba, there is nothing left of them in this room. Seerat smiles at Sahiba, who is standing at the chamber door. Sahiba praises Angad for removing all of their memories from the chamber and exits. Angad enters his room and examines it. Seerat wonders why Sahiba walked out like that if he liked the interiors, which Manveer did. Angad claims that changing the interiors will have no effect. Simran goes in and asks Angad where Sahiba is because she came here to pick out her nightgown and then party with her all night. Seerat claims Sahiba came here, but she shooed her away, stating she had already taken most of her clothes from this room and divided the remainder among the workers. She inquires of Angad whether she did anything wrong.

Angad does not respond and instead takes a box from the cupboard. Seerat inquires as to what it is. Seerat claims it’s Sahiba’s property. Angad goes away, stating that he needs to speak with Sahiba. Seerat becomes envious and follows him. Angad approaches Sahiba and asks whether she is upset by the changes to their room’s décor; he did nothing; Manveer and Seerat did. Sahiba claims he let Seerat make the decision for him, proving his point that Seerat is more important to him than to her. Angad adds he’ll tell her how many times he said in fury that Manveer wanted to remodel the interiors and did so with Seerat’s support. He claims he has her hair clips, clothes, and other belongings and that it is up to her to utilize them or toss them away, as if she wrecked their relationship. Seerat grins as he hears them hide.

The next day, Inder plans Simran’s birthday party and instructs the maid to look after Simran’s pals and their parents. Keerat enters the room. Veer is flirting with her. Keerat slaps him without noticing him and then apologizes, saying she mistook him for Rumi’s stalker. Veer expresses concern about Sahiba and hopes Rumi does not return, stating that his jaw is hurting right now. Keerat expresses regret. Simran meets her companions. Sahiba enters. Manveer compliments Seerat’s fashion taste while criticizing Sahiba’s. Seerat thanks her mother.
Manveer believes Angad is more attractive than Sahiba. Seerat inquires about her. Manveer is excited to announce Angad and Seerat’s wedding because they make an excellent couple. Seerat is content.

Sahiba inquires as to what happened to Veer’s cheek. Looking at Keerat, Veer claims a large fat mosquito bit him. Keerat is embarrassed. She pulls Sahiba aside and asks why she is keeping things from her these days, why she didn’t tell her about stalker Rumi, who she would have trashed. Sahiba recalls how Angad rescued her from Rumi and sent him to the United States. Keerat inquires as to what is going on between her and Angad, and why she senses tension between them. Sahiba pauses. When Simran approaches up to them and insists on joining her to cut her birthday cake, Angad walks up to Sahiba to speak to her and resolve their confusion. They both accompany her on her walk. Simran insists on cutting the cake with them.
They both agree. Their bracelets become entangled. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. They both exchange glances. Gurleen untangles their bracelets.

After cutting the cake, Angad walks over to Manveer and says she must be perplexed as to why he brought Sahiba here. Manveer claims she isn’t bothered because everyone wants to celebrate Simran’s birthday. She urges him to wish her luck because she has an important news to make today. Angad becomes perplexed. Hansraj announces games and invites everyone to participate. Keerat pulls Angad aside and says she has to speak with him. Angad advises her to first speak with Sahiba. Keerat claims Sahiba’s ego is bruised as a result of his open declaration of love for Seerat. Angad claims Sahiba has a misunderstanding, which he attempted to clarify up, but she refuses to listen at all. He claims that Sahiba does not want to stay in this place and that he would not prevent her from doing so. Veer advises him not to give up hope and to do his best to clear up their misunderstanding.

Simran’s birthday is celebrated by Sahiba. Manveer claims that Angad’s first choice was Seerat, that Angad was duped and married to Sahiba, and that she wishes to right that wrong by convincing Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba becomes agitated and departs. Angad approaches her from behind and is astounded to witness her trying suicide by cutting her wrist.