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Gurleen informs Japjot’s family that his rage is justified. Manveer is further concerned by Sahiba’s return, according to Jasleen, and Angad informs him that he harmed Manveer by bringing Sahiba back home. Manveer responds that she is delighted that Sahiba has come to celebrate Simran’s birthday and fulfill Simran’s request. Seerat is perplexed by Manveer’s behavior and wonders what she is up to. Inder is pleased to observe Manveer’s improved behavior and thanks her. He claims that despite their disputes since the beginning, he has always known she cares about his family. Simran expresses gratitude to Manveer. Manveer smiles as he walks away, saying, “You’re welcome.” Seerat walks alongside her. Jasleen wonders why Manveer suddenly changed his mind. Inder expresses his joy that his one daughter’s birthday is coming up tomorrow and that his other daughter has returned home to celebrate; both events will be lavishly celebrated. Gurleen assures her that they will.

Sahiba informs Angad that she will be staying with him for a few days. Angad says she is welcome to remain in their room. When there is no relationship, Sahiba declares she will not stay in his room. Angad claims she ended their relationship. She remembers Angad proposing to Seerat. Angad says she can stay in his room while he stays in the study room. Sahiba says she’ll sleep in a storage room. Angad says this house and their room are hers forever, and he will show her the route to their chamber if she gets lost. Sahiba stands motionless as he walks away. Simran approaches Sahiba and asks her to sleep in her room and recite some good stories to her as papa recites boring stories; she misses her and wishes to spend time with her. Sahiba says she will once she has persuaded Japjot. Simran says she’ll prepare appetizers by then, and they’ll party all night.

Seerat approaches Manveer and addresses her as mamiji. Manveer insists on calling her mamiji rather than mom. Seerat inquires as to why she made a U-turn in Sahiba’s case and became overjoyed to see Sahiba return home. Manveer warns her to behave with her as she is not Jasleen. Seerat says she expressed her desire to marry Angad and is now relieved to see Sahiba return home. Tomorrow, they will not only celebrate Simran’s birthday, but also end Angad and Sahiba’s romance and announce Seerat and Angad’s wedding, according to Manveer. Inder begs Angad not to abandon Sahiba and to save their relationship at any costs. Seerat inquires of Manveer whether she will truly proclaim her and Angad’s marriage. Yes, says Manveer. Seerat is overjoyed and wants to pinch herself to make sure it’s not a dream. Manveer advises her to concentrate on earning Angad’s heart. Seerat apologizes for misinterpreting her and claims she couldn’t control her emotions after watching Sahiba return home. Manveer advises her to utilize her emotions against Sahiba.

Sahiba enters Japjot’s chamber and apologizes for causing her pain. Japjot says she disappointed her a lot by disobeying Akaal’s request, but she has returned home for a few days for the same reason; she wants to keep the family united and saw herself and Manveer in Sahiba and thought she would keep the family united, but Sahiba turned out to be the weakest link; she doesn’t care if Sahiba stays or leaves. Sahiba expresses regret for hurting them and wishes she could lessen her rage by sharing what transpired between her and Angad, but she is unable to do so. She walks away from there, lost in thought. Seerat observes her leaving for Simran’s room and believes it’s a good thing Sahiba doesn’t want to stay in Angad’s room because Sahiba has no place in Angad’s life.

Simran prepares food for Sahiba’s gathering. Sahiba enters. Simran invites her to change her attire and join her at the party. Sahiba claims she forgot to bring her nightgown. Simran promises to grab it from Angad’s room. She enters Angad’s room and is taken aback by how different the décor have become. Seerat notices her and believes she was expecting to find Sahiba in a state of shock. She asks Sahiba whether she likes the new look; she redesigned Angad’s room to her liking. Sahiba wonders if she has become that brazen that she is now residing in Angad’s room. Seerat cautions him to watch her tongue. Sahiba claims that Seerat always tries to steal other people’s things rather than earning them, and she continues to show Seerat a mirror. Seerat yells at her for reappearing in Angad’s life, saying she tried everything she could to erase Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s head, but Sahiba reappeared and wrecked it. She resists Sahiba’s plan to re-enter Angad’s life.

Simran’s birthday is celebrated by Sahiba.
Manveer claims that Angad’s first choice was Seerat, that Angad was duped and married to Sahiba, and that she wishes to right that wrong by convincing Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba becomes agitated and departs. Angad approaches her from behind and is astounded to witness her trying suicide by cutting her wrist.