Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 8th December 2023 Episode 55

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The episode begins with Kajri arriving to clean Kavya’s table. The bangles appeal to her. Keep it, Kavya says. I’m trainee officer Kavya Bansal. She introduces herself as Kajri and says, “I’m married last month. I studied in college quota.” Then you came for employment, Kavya says. Yes, Kajri responds. What does your husband do, Kavya asks? According to Kajri, he drives a truck. Who manages your work at home, Kavya wonders. I do the double duty, therefore I think I can handle having kids, claims Kajri. Kavya queries the elderly woman. According to Kajri, she There arrives Giriraj. He welcomes and compliments Kavya. Mayank asks Anjali if Kavya is the reason behind her restlessness. Anjali sheds tears. He claims that her publishing was inevitable. Every day, she claims, something occurs there. The cab driver arrives and reports that nobody used our service. Mayank believes that Mom shouldn’t be aware of Adi. He asks the man to go after giving him the money. Kavya is asked to sit by Giriraj. What did you do on your first day, he asks? According to Kavya, there are a lot of difficulties in this area on the first day. She converses with him. Giriraj says the deputy collector is heading there for a raid because there is a woman sitting outside with a board and a lot of people have died here. He requests that Sangram bring food into his cabin. Sangram leaves after seeing Kavya. Giriraj requests that Kavya eat. He gives it to her. Sangram observes.

Giriraj claims that since you made Adi your driver, there is nothing he can do. He is free all day, and you have destroyed his career and future. Here’s what happened: Adi was going to London to complete a journalism course when he ran after you and got arrested. Love rendered him useless. Adi is my pride and dignity. You are a hindrance to his happiness. If you don’t give him direction, you will burn into ashes. Adi purchases office supplies for Kavya. Malini advises against it. He explains, “I want to give her a comfortable workspace.” As a government servant, she claims she won’t appreciate everything. He claims it’s the little things. She argues that Kavya won’t be impressed and that it’s not about being basic or opulent. He assures me that she will enjoy this, saying, “I’m doing this with love.” She is concerned.


Kavya is asked to have halwa by Giriraj. He says, “You have the food; I’ll go now.” He claims, “I wasn’t going to give you a gift.” He requests that Sangram bring Kavya along for the raid. Sangram replies, “Okay.” Giriraj walks away. Sangram inquires as to whether he knows you; he suggested you; we don’t dance to the tune of the preacher; we just sit in your cabin. She responds, “Don’t stop me; I want to help,” adding that “he told this because he knows me.” Okay, I’ll let you go. Really, she asks. Go ahead, he says. She gives him a thank you and leaves.


The man wonders if she’ll go alone and whether she won’t go. Let let go of her strength, Sangram advises. Kavya visits the factory and confronts the man about producing alcohol without a permit. She chastises the man. We’ll see the godown, she says. Says we’re not creating booze, we’re making pickles. She continues, “I won’t let this torture continue; widows’ locality is the name of this village, and their husbands died from alcohol.” The man gives his boss a call. How could she conduct the raid in my neighborhood, the man asks. Adi is given the furniture. Peon queries you, saying you don’t have authorization to do this. Kavya shows up to visit Adi. Adi advises you to simply go do your work. These items aren’t allowed here, according to Kavya.


There is a visitor. It’s your first day, Adi says. Super boss, Peon says, has arrived. Kavya and Adi see the pregnant woman. “I’m IAS Amanpreet Chadda,” the woman says. Kavya bids Ma’am good morning. “Sir, you are an officer trainee. How was your first day?” she asks. Really lovely, comments Kavya. “I heard you went for the raid,” she says. She is thanked by Kavya. Adi grinned. She claims that you won’t gain anything from the raid there, and I didn’t obtain anything either. You went and told them about it, jeopardizing the mission, which was a tremendous error, Kavya.



Adi, you don’t understand hardship, please leave, pleads Kavya. She sobs. Adi leaves. Kavya is imprisoned in the freezer. Adi searches for her.