Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 7th December 2023 Episode 54

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The episode begins with Adi returning home. Giriraj reports that you have returned. Adi claims I had no choice, just as I had no choice in choosing my father. He leaves. Malini inquires as to what transpired. Giriraj, according to Adi, has threatened Rajeev, and Rajeev has threatened me. She inquires as to what Kavya accomplished. He claims she will not go against her father, and that convincing her father will be difficult. She claims she will persuade her father. He claims that we must persuade him that I cannot lose her. She claims you won’t lose her because I’ll be there. They both laugh. Giriraj observes and departs. Malini recounts her love tale. She says it’s fun to meet secretly; your father used to disguise himself and come to meet me. He laughs. It’s morning, and Kavya says, “I’m nervous because this is my first posting.” Anjali inquires, “What’s on your mind?” You may respond. She claims there is none. Rajeev wonders what the secret is. Kavya claims that her mother was complaining about you, and that I had paid the electrical bill. She asks them not to be concerned. Mayank suggests that we take a selfie. They pose for a selfie. Giriraj begs Malini not to condone Adi’s insane behavior. He cautions her. She inquires as to what you wish to say. According to Giriraj, this secret has the potential to wreck the lives of both of your sons. She responds, “I don’t care; I’ll do whatever makes Adi happy.” Adi dons the disguise of a cab driver. Rajeev instructs Kavya to remain vigilant. Kavya receives laddoos from Anjali. Rajeev instructs the driver to drive carefully. Mayank has stated that she will go. Adi comes to a complete stop in his automobile. Kavya wonders why you stopped the automobile. Adi makes a face. She is taken aback. She smiles and inquires, “What are you doing here?” You should have met Uncle Ji, she says. He promises I won’t be afraid to encounter him again. She says we’ll return to meet him. Rajeev and Mayank arrive. Adi is concerned and wears his headgear sideways. Rajeev says it’s the last day to pay Mayank’s fees, so drop us off, I’ll show you the way, and come. Kavya says no, sit with me, it’s the first day of my posting. Mayank is seated next to Adi. He tells Rajeev not to be concerned. Rajeev chastises him. He predicts that you will develop into Adi. Kavya wonders how Adi got in between them. Rajeev claims to be the embodiment of everything evil. Adi becomes enraged as he drives away. Mayank notices Adi. Rajeev instructs the driver to drive carefully because his bones are aching. He says, “I’m not going to let you sit like Adi, Mayank; you’ll get a job, get married, and settle down.” Mayank requests that Kavya say anything. Rajeev claims she is aware of this, and that she will not offer her hand to a useless man like Adi. Adi becomes depressed.

Kavya wonders why not, he isn’t a fool, he passed IAS, he worked hard, and he left the seat for me. Rajeev promises that you will see his genuine face later. Adi dismisses Rajeev and Mayank. Kavya becomes depressed. They arrive at the office. Adi claims your father lavished me with adulation; I believe he adores me, and I adore him as well. She answers yeah, they were designed for each other. He inquires as to how he will consent. She believes it will take time for him to recognize your good characteristics. He requests that she speak it. She claims that the girl who gives you her hand would be the luckiest. He cracks a joke. She asks him to leave because she needs to get to work. He asks if I want to come along. She responds, “No, my dream was finally realized today.”

He claims that I am always willing to assist. He leaves. She notices an elderly lady sitting there. She hands her a water bottle and walks away. She walks into the office. Aashayein….plays… She requests the collector’s office. Adi returns home. He thinks you’re excellent for my job, so come shopping with me. Alka inquires as to what we intend to purchase. He claims that he went to Kavya’s office and found nothing. She says, “It’s a government office, give me two minutes, and I’ll just come.”

Kavya smiles at her senior. He mocks her. He says collector Sir hasn’t arrived yet, so I’ll show you your desk. Giriraj inquires as to your destination. Alka informs me that I will accompany Adi to the market to purchase Kavya. He invites her to accompany him. She asks if I can make you tea. He says no, go shopping. She thanks and walks away. He believes you should receive a surprising gift, Kavya.

Kavya’s cabin and desk are shown to her by the man. He hands her a bouquet and tells her it’s her first day. He requests that the peon provide cushions for Kavya’s chair. He says it’s a welcoming gift for you because you’re my junior. She expresses gratitude to him. She notices the bangles. He claims, “I got this at the Diwali fair; I made my wife choose it; adornment is a weapon for women.” She claims that all that is required to work here is courage and hard effort. The man arrives and provides an update on the alcohol scam. Kavya requests that I accompany her.

He claims you have insufficient information, that it is your first day, and that you should relax. He leaves. She overhears the males conversing. She dashes over to them. She claims that she has done research on the subject and that she wishes to assist. The man advises you sit in your chair and kill time till you acquire a real job.

Giriraj arrives to the office and meets Kavya. He claims that many individuals killed at the bogus alcohol factory.