Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 6th December 2023 Episode 53

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The episode begins with Rajeev and Anjali discussing Kavya. She claims that if Kavya has Adi in her heart, then… He claims that this cannot happen. She wonders why not, he’s a great guy who helps Kavya, and his mother is wonderful. He inquires about his father, saying that he has always put obstacles in Kavya’s path, that he has sent me to jail, and that she would never marry Adi. Kavya smiles and recalls Adi. He didn’t call or text me, she claims. Mayank approaches and says, “What happened at the checkpoint?” She tries the coffee and declares it to be little more than hot water. He claims it contains sugar as well as coffee, so leave it alone and imagine coffee in it. She asks whether you’re crazy. He inquires, “What happened?” She claims it occurred. He inquires as to what. That is what she says. He asks, “Aren’t you embarrassed to say that in front of your younger brother?” She clarifies, “I mean love.”

Anjali believes Adi is not like his father. Rajeev claims that the snake’s son is a snakelet. Mayank inquires if you went to snap a selfie. Kavya clarifies, “I mean I’m in love with Adi.” Mayank makes fun of her. He inquires as to why he did not come to meet. She declines. He tells you to go meet him. She claims it is late. He says you shouldn’t see time, that no one will tell dad, that I will tell you where to go, that you should come. They leave. He tells her not to think too much and to hurry up. Anjali shows up. Mayank approaches her. Kavya leaps to the ground. Adi carries her on his back. He cracks a joke. She inquires as to why you have come. He claims that I came to meet you because you did not call or text. She claims I did not receive a call. Check your phone, he says. She requests that he double-check. He informs you that your phone is in airplane mode. She thinks I’m a moron. Yes, he says, but only mine. She beams.

He inquires whether you spoke with Jaideep. She agrees. He inquires if there was any drama. She gives a nod. He responds, “Fine, where were you going now?” She beams. He claims he lacks the courage to approach you. She inquires whether you trust my decision. Yes, he adds, I have both trust and fear, and I am with you. She extends her hand. He motions for her to ask if the bangle is still missing. She gives a nod. He becomes cheerful.

He yells. She puts a halt to him. Anjali inquires as to who is present. Kavya goes into hiding. Adi kisses her on the lips. She claims that this time cannot shake our love. Yes, Adi says, I understood when you tumbled over me. She slams into him. Anjali inquires as to who is present. Kavya says she’ll go now, and dad will follow. Adi says I’ll meet him, therefore I’ll go. Adi’s bike will not start. Rajeev approaches and grabs him.

Rajeev inspects his motorcycle. Adi says, “Leave it, I’ll manage.” Rajeev fires up his motorcycle. Adi expresses gratitude to him. Rajeev claims there was dirt in the cylinder, and he praises you for saving Kavya’s career. Adi claims I didn’t do anything noteworthy, that I can’t continue through training, and that I was saved. Rajeev claims you are afraid to work hard after passing the exam; perhaps there is another reason. Rajeev adds, “It’s your life, your decision, your father will make your career, we come from that place where we can’t change the direction, I want you to stay away from Kavya’s life, it would be better if she was away from politics, she’s starting her posting tomorrow, it’s right.” Kavya arrives. Rajeev said he was only fabricating an excuse to come quickly. He leaves. Adi claims to despise me. Kavya claims he was speaking calmly. By his own admission, Adi would have burned me and my bike. Kavya claims he is angry because your father arrived and threatened him, so he is unleashing his rage. Adi inquires, “What, come with me?” I will tell him, “I’m not like my father, I love you.” She adds, “Not this way, love has found me, we are for each other, I have promised you, if we leave now, he will reject you without even knowing who you are.” Adi smiles and says, “I can’t win you over.” She thinks she will miss old Adi if you always agree with her. She pushes him away and tells him, “No romance until my father agrees,” adding, “Don’t worry, go now, bye my love.” He inquires as to what you said just now. She says, “Goodbye, my love.” He seemed dizzy. She has him in her grasp. He walks away.

Adi gives Kavya a hug. Kavya goes for the job. She expresses her desire to assist. The dude says you can relax here and work when the true posting occurs.