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The episode begins with Kavya returning home. Anjali inquires as to your whereabouts, as your father is concerned. Kavya assures me that I am OK. Anjali claims you attended the academy. Kavya claims I returned from midway. Anjali replies, “I was worried that you would ruin your life after Adi; we don’t know how he became IAS; his father has contacts and may have helped him; tell me how you changed your mind.” Kavya thinks of Adi. Rajeev appears and informs you that you were both detained as a result of Adhiraj Pradhan. Anjali inquires as to what and why. Kavya inquires as to how you know. He claims his father came here to find him. He interrogates her. She claims I was unaware of his existence. He inquires, “What’s going on?” and “Tell me the truth.”

She claims he came to prevent me from attending the committee meeting. He claims that he told you the same thing, but you didn’t listen, so why did you listen to him? She claims he stated that he does not want the seat and does not want to become an IAS, and that I should not jeopardize my career. Adi is praised by Mayank. Adi’s blood is mean, according to Rajeev, and he has his father with him. Kavya claims that if he was like his father, he would not have come to stop me; I know that he has always supported me in that academy, always aided me, and today he made a significant sacrifice for me. She stands up for Adi. She understands Adi’s meaning. She responds with a smile. He dances with the maids and smiles. Giriraj and everyone others are watching. Malini beams. Pehla nasha….plays…

Mayank claims it doesn’t matter because “even I am useless.” Rajeev responds, “Yes, you must work hard; I will beat you and force you to do something; I have no property; and I want Kavya to stay away from Adi.” Kavya adds, “I’ve made a decision for Shubh; please tell me if you’ll be upset with me if I refuse to Jaideep uncle.” Rajeev claims that saying yes to him will irritate him; he has done many favors for us, but we will not sacrifice your dreams; Jaideep is your Guru; he is a good man, but his kid isn’t like him; you are my pride; Shubh couldn’t provide you love and respect. Kavya beams.

According to Jaideep, Kavya has not yet arrived at the institution. Shubh requests that he speak with Kavya. Gauri claims Shubh has accepted his error and requests that he speak with her. Shubh inquires, “Are you with me?” Kavya arrives with her family. Rajeev motions for Jaideep to take a seat. Shubh claims you did not attend the academy because you recognized your error. He says, “Mum, Dad, Kavya has returned for my sake, she loves me a lot, she will always support me, and we should get married soon.”

Gauri asks if we should set a date for the wedding. Kavya says, uncle, I don’t want to do this marriage… You once told me that we should make a promise that we can fulfill, pardon me, I lied to you, I vowed to travel on the path you showed me, Shubh has always become a hurdle in my path, I know I said yes to marriage, but if I married now, I would lie again. Shubh claims you’re talking rubbish and insulting your Guru. According to Jaideep, you have humiliated us. He expresses regret to Kavya.

He says, “I’m honored to be your Guru.” Kavya beams. Is Shubh correct in her refusal to marry me? Kavya claims, “I don’t love you; I used to think only about you; your ego and wrongdoing ended that love and respect.” Gauri claims Kavya is speaking rubbish; isn’t she embarrassed? Rajeev claims she is telling the truth. He invites Kavya to share her feelings. Kavya asks Jaideep where she should go. Malini inquires if Kavya agreed. Giriraj, according to Adi, will go insane if he finds out. She says fine, I’ll make Kavya wear the bangle. He claims she still wears Shubh’s bangle. Kavya says she will do whatever you say and that your decision is final. Jaideep grabs Kavya’s bangle. He says your handcuffs have been removed and you are now free.

Everyone, even Anjali, is happy. Jaideep says, “I really wanted you to be my bahu, but I won’t torture you by marrying you to Shubh; I can’t do injustice to you; you will succeed in life, there is no doubt about it; I bless you to always remain the same Kavya, there is much darkness in this society, this society needs you, spread your light, always.” She beams. Kavya embraces him. Omi approaches Giriraj and informs him of Kavya and Adi’s detention. Giriraj inquires as to her destination. Omi claims she was on her way to academy to give Adi her seat, but he stopped her since they love each other. Giriraj sings and declares, “She has enraged my son.” He does a dance with Omi. Omi claims that if Adi marries that girl and brings her home, everything will be ruined. Giriraj claims you previously supported Adi. Omi replies, “I didn’t know about Kavya, she’s very clever, the truth will come out, even if we hide it, we’ll be ruined,” and she begs her to save her. Giriraj hugs him and tells him, “I’m your father; don’t worry, Kavya is a fly; I’ll crush her.” Jaideep is thanked by Rajeev and Anjali. Jaideep says, “She is also my daughter; take care of her.” Sure, Rajeev says. Jaideep instructs Kavya to go live her life. Kavya walks away. Shubh adds that while you are happy today, you will regret it later. Kavya did this for Adi, and you know what would happen if her relationship occurs in that household. Rajeev is concerned.

Kavya and Adi finally meet. Rajeev pulls Adi aside and tells him to keep away from Kavya.