Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 30th November 2023 Episode 49

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The episode begins with Kavya requesting Mayank to shout at her. “I know what and why you are doing this,” he replies, giving her a hug. They weep. Anjali and Rajeev arrive there. What happened, why are you staring at me, and won’t you tell me congratulations, Kavya says. Are you happy that we didn’t pressure you into saying yes so quickly, Anjali says. You did, according to Mayank. Anjali says, Give it another thought. Kavya responds, “No, this is the right choice; I made this decision after giving it a lot of thought.” Look at me, Rajeev says, and speak. This is my decision, Kavya says. She gives them hugs. Shubh and Gauri notice the approaching watchman. Shubh moves to intervene. Come with me, he says. He chastises the man. He offers him money and takes him away. The man says, “I have a conscience, but I’m poor.” Shubh manages to grab him. Kavya arrives, interrupting Shubh. The individual claims to be a bad guy who falsely accused Adi. He divulges all. Kavya responds, “Go; I’ll take care of this.” She thinks of Adi. Adi returns home. “I’m heading to London,” he says. What will you do there, Malini asks? He says, “I’ll do that. My friend Rahul sent the tourism course form.” Are you fleeing, she asks? Yes, answers Adi with a smile.

Omi and Giriraj fret. Adi adds, “I’m afraid of love; I think my heart won’t stop beating.” Kavya queries why you did this—you lied and caused Adi to be suspended. He says, “I love you so much, I can’t handle it, please understand my feelings, I lied, and I put on a show to win your affection.” “Is this your love? Is your love so selfish, you just want to get me?” she demands, pushing him. He says, Pay attention to me. She claims, “I trusted you, it was my ignorance, Adi was punished, and tell everyone the truth.” What will I get out of this, he wonders. Peace, she says. He says, “I can’t see you and Adi together; I want Kavya.” They dispute. She shoos him off.

Alka inquires about your plans. Adi promises to make you a video call each day. I’m so helpless, she says. When are you going to return, Adi? asks Malini. I’m not sure, but I know I can’t stay here, he says. Shubh promises that his career won’t end. Okay, I’ll go inform uncle about this, Kavya replies. He says, “Just consider this: your career could end, you testified against me, Jaideep could be questioned, your IAS dream would end forever, and mine would end too.” Jaideep speaks with Anjali. Shubh and Kavya aren’t meant to be together; we all know this. You are her teacher and taught her to touch the sky, and I am her Maa and taught her relations. If she is to succeed, then she must become good in both. She claims that I have always asked Kavya for things and time, and she has always given them to us. I’m worried that we will snatch her smile. She sobs.

Jaideep has been released from the hospital; feel free to take him home. Gauri gives Kavya and Shubh hugs. Kavya reflects on Shubh’s remarks. She says, “What should I choose if happiness comes from lying and truth hurts?” Always pick the truth, advises Rajeev. He gives her an explanation.

He asserts that we must reject deception and lying. Kavya responds, “I chose you because of that.” She hugs him. She promises to follow her heart and do what is right. She also adds she is heading to the academy to inform the management committee of something. Anjali believes she must speak the truth to Shubh. What truth, Rajeev queries. Adi is hugged by Omi. Everyone sobs and gives him hugs. Adi is asked to go and have a wonderful trip by Giriraj. His eyes find Adi’s ticket. I should maintain my composure, he advises. Yes, your watchman Kaka told me, Anjali replies. I should have told you earlier since I was afraid. “I can’t believe Shubh can fall to this level,” remarks Rajeev. Yes, Kavya replies, I must inform the committee. “You were the witness,” claims Rajeev. Kavya replies, “I’m sorry to break your dream, but I have to save Adi; it’s my duty.” She acknowledges the risk. She looks up airline schedules for Bhopal. Sanjeev promises to let go of Adi. Sure, says Giriraj. Adi walks away. Kavya makes a call and requests an out-of-town taxi. Kavya walks away.

Precap: While traveling, Kaavya notices someone. She says, “How can you let this car go when it has drugs in it?” Adi rushes to assist after spotting Kavya.