Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 29th November 2023 Episode 48

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The episode begins with Gauri begging Anjali to go tell Rajeev the truth. She claims that Shubh adores Kavya and will stop at nothing to make her happy. Rajeev is made to wear his slippers by Shubh. Anjali sobs as she watches. Gauri advises thinking clearly once. Anjali approaches Rajeev. She notices Kavya and Shubh. Kavya queries what transpired. She is asked to grab some water by Anjali. Kavya walks to grab some water. It is drank by Anjali. She says, “I’m okay.” Shubh is signed by Gauri. Adi is asked where she’s heading by Mayank. Adi asks, “Did you find my lost respect anywhere?”

Did Shubh mention anything, Mayank queries. Adi claims, “I would be insulted if I came here. Your sister has lost her sight. She can’t even see that Shubh is a repulsive man; she will regret getting married to him.” Who said this, he wonders. She said yes, he claims, to be his spouse. Mayank claims that she visited your home to apologize. Adi says, “Tell me why.” Mayank says she found out that you had the letter signed.

Kavya queries the doctor regarding Jaideep. He claims to be stable yet nonetheless vulnerable. Can I meet him for two minutes, she asks? She leaves. He pulls Gauri aside to discuss. Kavya sits with Jaideep’s hand in hers. She converses with him. He awakens. He says, “I’m not just your teacher; you’re like my daughter, and I want the best for you always.” Gauri appears. Always bless me, chastise me, show me the road, and never leave my side, says Kavya. She sobs. Did you say, Adi asks. Mayank responds, “No, I promise. She found out for herself, and she was overjoyed. She came to your house this morning, but she’s not going to marry Shubh because she prefers someone else.” Adi queries who.

His jokes are made by Mayank. Adi says, “Listen, Kavya said this, right?” with a smile. He is asked to go ask her by Mayank. Adi gives him a hug. He approaches Kavya. As Jaideep assures Kavya.

I want you to be my Bahu, he says. Kavya is taken aback. Gauri asks Kavya to kindly say yes. She puts her hands together. Uncle, if I remain as your daughter, then, Kavya asks. Jaideep states that he would have wanted you to be his Bahu if this had been his last moment on earth. Adi arrives and observes.

Please answer “yes,” Gauri begs. Kavya promises to attend. She leaves. Naina plays. She notices Adi. Adi believes that you are capable of anything and that you won’t make a poor choice. She considers what to do. He believes that he chose me. When Anjali arrives, she observes them grinning and seated apart. Kavya gives the man her family photo. I met someone else, he claims.

Adi gives Kavya the go-ahead to follow her intuition. If my heart is telling me two things, Kavya wonders. She waves goodbye to Adi. She gives a smile. Gauri arrives there. Jaideep is phoning you, she adds, and wants to know what you’ve been thinking. Going to Jaideep is Kavya.

Mayank and Adi observe. Jaideep expresses his desire for a favorable outcome. Indeed, Shubh responds, she is happy when her family is happy. Gauri requests Kavya go. Take some time to reflect, Kavya, says Rajeev. Gauri says, “We are there with Kavya; I understand what it’s like to be an IAS officer.” Adi becomes agitated. The man visits the medical facility.

Jaideep adds, “Wait a minute, Kavya always has our happiness in mind. I know she won’t let me down.” Tell me what you want, he asks. The man continues, “I have to tell Kavya the truth about Shubh.” Kavya is asked to share her true feelings by Anjali.

You previously requested for Guru Dakshina, therefore I picked my duty; today, I choose my family and your happiness, says Kavya. Adi sobs. Shubh grinned. Gauri says, “I’m overjoyed.” She forces Kavya to wear bracelets. Kavya grinned and left. I don’t comprehend what she did, Mayank sobs. Adi says, “Go to her; she has kept Guru Dharm.” He leaves.

Summary: Shubh chastises the guard. Kavya receives the truth from the man. Shubh receives a reprimand from Kavya. Shubh lashes out at him.