Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 28th November 2023 Episode 47

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The episode begins with the man recalling Shubh’s reality. Shubh mocks Adi. Adi reluctantly departs. Shubh invites the man to the wedding. Kavya returns home. She inquires of Anjali as to what Shubh is saying. Gauri confirms that it is next month. Anjali claims that I instructed Gauri to wait for Rajeev. Gauri says yes, but because our pandit ji had traveled from Kanpur, we received the mahurat. Shubh, I told you I didn’t love you, and yet you’re doing this, says Kavya. He claims that we just received the wedding date. She claims that marriage will not take place. Rajeev and Jaideep arrive. Kavya inquires of Rajeev as to how they obtained the wedding date without informing her. Shubh advises you to explain why you don’t want to marry. Please be quiet, she urges. He replies no, what are you going to do? I have a simple request: tell your father why you don’t want to marry, you offer me Gyaan, tell him immediately.

I want to go tell Kavya the truth since the man claims Shubh isn’t right for her. His wife wonders how we will know when the wedding date has been set. But that guy isn’t right, he’s a liar, he says. She tells him to go inform him. He advises us not to become entangled. Rajeev inquires as to what Shubh is saying. I don’t want to be sidetracked, according to Kavya. Shubh wishes this were true. No one, according to Jaideep, will push Kavya to do anything. He instructs Kavya to continue blogging. She claims your family assisted her; please explain, Shubh. Shubh disagrees. Jaideep believes she is correct; it is a major decision; think carefully before making a decision. Gauri chastises Kavya. Jaideep is feeling ill. According to Kavya, I did not say yes. Jaideep collapses. They all notice him and wonder what happened. Anjali obtains water. Shubh tells Kavya that she is to blame for what has transpired. Rajeev summons an ambulance. Jaideep is taken to the hospital. Gauri chastises Kavya.

Kavya comforts her. Gauri claims that this happened because of you; he is my life; go and say yes to marriage so that he will recover; only you can save him. The man arrives and notices Kavya. He approaches Gauri and inquires about Jaideep’s condition. Gauri claims that doctors are examining him. He inquires if you are Kavya’s mother. What’s the matter, she says. He says Shubh isn’t right, he lied and blamed Adi, Adi didn’t strike him, he harmed himself and blamed Adi, I saw it, I request you not to marry Kavya to him, his parents didn’t raise him well. She chastises him. He apologizes, I’m worried about Kavya, Adi keeps her happy, she’ll be happy with him. Gauri instructs him to stop talking.

She dispatches him. Kavya says the doctor has called you, uncle… Gauri inquires as to what transpired. Shubh arrives and informs us that Dad has had a heart attack. Gauri inquires. She inquires with the doctor about Jaideep’s health. We can’t say anything, according to the doctor. Gauri and Shubh are in tears. Kavya says it’s fine. He embraces her. She motions for him to take a seat. Mayank arrives. He dials Adi’s number. He tells to come to the city hospital since Jaideep’s uncle had a heart attack. Adi is taken aback.

When Kavya sees Jaideep, she prays for him. Shubh smiles when he sees her. Gauri wonders if you can bear leaving Kavya and invites you to accompany her. She inquires as to what you did. Shubh inquires as to what I did. The doctor says we can’t say anything right now since the next 24 hours are critical. Kavya sobs and remembers Jaideep.

Adi pays a visit to Jaideep. Kavya rushes up to hug him. She sobs. Shubh claims that after being injured by a nail, Omi approached him and suggested this idea, and that he admires Kavya, who informed him. Gauri claims that a watchman came to her and told her everything, assuming she was Kavya’s mother, and that she had sent him. He says I’ll manage it. Gauri looks around and notices Anjali. Anjali inquires whether Shubh wrongly accused Adi. Shubh becomes enraged with Adi. He shoves Kavya. Adi and Shubh disagree.

Kavya requests that they stop. Sanjeev arrives to assist Adi. Kavya recognized Shubh’s truth when Anjali said, “I trusted you.” Shubh is misunderstood, according to Gauri. Anjali promises that I will tell her the truth. Gauri responds, “Fine, tell everyone; everyone is talking about Kavya and Adi’s closeness; Rajeev will be pleased; Adi is his favorite.”

Shubh instructs Adi to get lost. Adi says I’ll meet with Jaideep Sir. Rajeev is standing behind Shubh. Shubh takes a step back. Rajeev is also eliminated. Adi apologizes to his uncle. Rajeev chastises Adi. Adi apologizes and says he will leave. Adi walks away. Kavya becomes depressed.

Shubh chastises the watchman. The man tells Kavya the truth. Shubh is chastised by Kavya. Shubh is threatening him.