Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 19th December 2023 Episode 62

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The episode begins with Rajeev asking to see the stool. Kavya acts, saying, “My hand is twisted, there is no spray.” Yes, Anjali says. Rajeev instructs Mayank to go grab it. Mayank says I have to study for the IAS, but I’m not going. Anjali instructs Rajeev to go grab it. Rajeev departs. Kavya motions for Adi to rise. Adi suggests that you put your father on a diet. She apologizes and tells him to leave now. Adi cracks a joke and causes Mayank to turn aside. He gives Kavya a kiss. Anjali invites Adi to accompany her. Adi walks away. Rajeev returns home. He notices Adi knocking on the door. Adi welcomes him. Rajeev inquires as to what you are doing here. Adi claims that after learning about Kavya, he came to inquire about her. Rajeev claims that she is OK. Adi replies, “Great, I just wanted to know.” Rajeev advises to meet her if you’ve come this far. Adi claims my back hurts because I lifted a lot of weight. Rajeev says you’ll be wounded if you go over your boundaries; do you have 100rs? Adi responds, “Yes, I have it, and I also have 500rs.” Rajeev adds, “I just want your 100 rupees, it’s your father’s money, is there anything you’ve earned, look at Kavya, you know IAS officers, she gets everything, you can’t even get equal to her.”

Kavya inquires as to why you are saying this. Adi claims that I comprehended. Rajeev says, “I won’t let her make a decision that will hurt her later.” He adds, “Take this spray, my weight is much, maybe you couldn’t tolerate it.” He leaves. Adi walks away. Kavya is stopped by Anjali. She continues, “Adi came to drop you off at the office, I’m your mother, and I can read your face.” Kavya smiles as she hugs her. She claims, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, and I just want to be with him.” If your father doesn’t agree, Anjali adds, he doesn’t know it, but he will know your love, he was questioning Adi. Kavya claims he didn’t ask me anything and that if I do, he will understand. Anjali advises to forget about Adi. Kavya says, “I can’t forget Adi,” and she wants to tell her father, “I can’t leave Adi.” Anjali advises you to speak with your father. On the phone, Amanpreet speaks with Kavya. Kavya claims that we will find the injured man, who had a tattoo on his hand, and his wife. Amanpreet responds, “Fine, we’ll find out.” The goon has apprehended the man.

Giriraj summons Malini. She inquires as to the cause of your happiness. He adds, “You came into my life, what could be more special than that?” He says, “Come to my office and get Adi, I’m going to announce my son’s name, the one who will become a youth icon, and I want you to receive blessings.” Malini confirms that she will come and speak with Adi. She walks away. Omi inquires whether you intend to reveal my name. Giriraj claims you did not finish the task. Omi believes I won’t be able to break Adi’s heart. Giriraj says fine, sit in Adi’s lap, chair number one. Omi claims Adi does not want to complete this work, for which I have been waiting for years. Giriraj leaves. Adi remembers Rajeev’s comments. Kavya dials his number. He doesn’t respond.

We have no further evidence to back up Amanpreet’s claim that ladies aren’t ready to talk to us. Kavya responds, “I’ll try; I know what to do; the women will come to the office and show the tattoo, and we’ll match it.” Adi goes on a jog. Kavya threatens him and drags him into a car. He claims that all I own is from my father. She says, “Lie, you have a good character, intelligence, and a beautiful heart.” He laughs and accuses you of being a bad kidnapper. She makes him happy.

She continues, “I have a project for you; write something that will touch your heart.” He inquires as to what. She walks into the office and speaks with the peon. She counsels him on taking out a loan. Adi returns home and settles down to write something. Malini appears and says, “Dad has summoned us to the party office,” finally using Omi’s name. Adi inquires, “Are you sure you want me to come?” Adi delivers the message. The message is received by everyone on their phones. Amanpreet deciphers the message. Kavya nods and smiles at her. Adi inquires if anyone has arrived. Kavya agrees. He says, “Shut your room door, look in the mirror, and repeat after me, you show the directionless.” He gives her encouragement. She compliments him. She challenges him to live his truth. He claims that he cannot live without you and that he will not leave. She says our goal will be the same: to meet people and assist them. She notices the women approaching. She claims your words worked their magic. He inquires as to what. She claims the women have arrived. He says, “Really, I’m popular with women, give them the gift and do your work, I’ll do journalism and not leave you, I have to go to office with mum, Giriraj will take Omi’s name.” She replies, “Fine.” He hangs up the phone. She beams.

Adi makes a proposal to Kavya. Amanpreet is informed about Kajri’s husband by Kavya. Adi is apprehended.