Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 15th December 2023 Episode 60

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The Episode starts with Kavya checking the temperature panel. She presses some buttons. The temperature starts falling. She shouts no. Mayank calls Adi and asks did you find Kavya. Adi says no, control your emotions, I will call you, don’t let uncle and aunty know it. Mayank worries. Anjali looks on. She asks who were you talking to. Mayank makes an excuse and goes. She takes his phone. He comes back and takes his phone. She worries. Amanpreet and everyone reach the godown. Adi shouts Kavya. Kavya tries to secure herself. She covers herself and sits in a carton. She recalls talking to Mayank. Adi runs and looks for her.

He reaches the cold storage and says why is its temperature falling so fast. Kavya gets up. She takes some foil to wrap herself. Amanpreet asks what’s here. Adi says its cold storage, I think its not working, temperature is falling speedily. They go. Kavya gets freezing in cold. Inspector says we have not found any clue. Adi asks how can she disappear, I m from her family, find her, where did she go, if anything happens to Kavya then I will shake the entire police dept. Kavya imagines Adi. She smiles talking to him. Adi says you can’t go anywhere, I m coming to take you. Kavya gets fainting.

Giriraj calls Adi. Omi comes and says Adi won’t come, he has gone after Kavya, he will choose you over Kavya, I made a mistake, scold me, beat me, what did I do that you got after my future, why aren’t you giving me a chance. Giriraj says I gave you a chance and always kept you along, I thought you will learn, you always make mistakes. Omi says Adi also makes mistakes. Giriraj says you are responsible for it, what you did in Basant Khedi, all that happened with Navya Bansal, I m bearing the outcome till now. Adi looks for Kavya.

He shouts Kavya. Kavya hears him and wakes up. She says Adi…. She gets up. Adi asks did you find anything. Inspector says no. Adi says she came here, please check once again. Amanpreet says come with me.
Kavya imagines Adi inspiring her. She reaches the door and knocks. She asks is anyone there, open the door. Adi hears the sound and runs. He comes there and shouts Kavya. Anjali asks Mayank to have milk. Mayank is tense. She says go to tailor and get Kavya’s clothes, get jalebi and samosa for Kavya, she likes it a lot. He cries and hugs her. She asks what happened, why are you crying, tell me, my heart is sinking. He says Kavya is missing. She asks what do you mean. He tells her everything. She is shocked.

He asks why didn’t you tell me before. He says I got scared. She hugs him. Kavya knocks the door and says I m here, get me out of here. Amanpreet says there is no one here, we will go to office and wait. Adi says come on Kavya, tell me where are you, give me one hint. Kavya takes a paper heart from the card board and slides it outside the door. Adi says I m here, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Adi goes away. The paper heart flies to him. He picks the paper heart.