Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 12th December 2023 Episode 57

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The episode begins with Kavya asking Mayank what he wants. He says, “I need your time because you are my sister here, not IAS.” He inquires as to why you hid from your mother and father. She says nothing, Adi has arrived at the office, he has brought numerous items for my office, I am upset, and I have asked him to go. He says it’s not your fault; what would everyone think of you? She claims I wounded him, but he was only caring about my comfort. He claims you adore him. He cracks a joke. She asks, “Tell me how to persuade him.” He claims you irritate him every day; write him a letter. She has an inspiration.

Come, she claims you talk like a genius sometimes. Giriraj meets with the ministers. They believe we need a young minister. Giriraj assures me that I will receive one. According to the minister, I shall bring my son to the party. Giriraj suggests that my son join the party. Omi observes. Giriraj believes I must persuade Adi to become the young leader. Kavya and Mayank prepare the balloons and compose messages for Adi. She inquires as to how we intend to distribute these balloons. He says, “I have an idea, come with me.” He makes Kavya’s bed with pillows. She describes herself as “amazing.” He invites her to join him.

Malini claims that she has prepared your speech. Giriraj responds, “We’ll see.” Omi claims that Dad will declare his heir. Everyone knows who it will be, she adds, you’ve been working hard for years, it will pay off, it’s the true test now, don’t give him a chance to complain. He gives a nod. She walks away. Alka arrives. Omi requests that she go fetch some water. She goes after it. She beams. He requests that she make tea and keep his clothing ready. He walks over to his MLA name board. The man receives the paper and informs him that Giriraj has provided it and that he must prepare for the interview. Omi takes the paper and leaves. Alka receives the tea. She notices the balloons with the words “I love you” written on them. The tea spills onto the page. She becomes concerned and responds, “It’s okay, I’ll write a new speech for him.” Adi is irritated. He claims that Kavya will not apologize. Kavya disguises herself and goes there. On the phone, she speaks with Mayank. She requests Adi. Servant says he’s too busy; please give it to me. No, she says, I’ll just give him this. Servant departs. Mayank inquires whether anyone is present. Kavya declines. Just go to his room, he says. She asks whether you’re crazy. He says you like to become involved in everything, so just leave. She runs away from Omi. Mayank says you’re a big coward; just apologize to Adi. Giriraj is reached by balloon. He reads the message aloud. Malini notices Kavya and conceals her.

Giriraj asks Malini, “Who can write this for me?” Malini is hiding, he notices. He wonders why you’re concealing and becoming shy; you write it but don’t say anything. She beams. Giriraj invites you to join him for a conversation. They take a seat. We’ll go where Malini thinks Adi is sleeping. They vanish.

Adi is fast asleep. A balloon lands on top of him. He comes to. I love you is written on it. He receives more balloons. I’m sorry, he reads. He is taken aback when he sees Kavya. Dil diyan gallan…sings… She holds her ears and apologizes. He takes off her phony moustache. She apologizes. He inquires as to why you are apologizing, and whether you made any mistakes. She claims that a lot happened today. He inquires, “Did this not happen before?” and “Why did you vent your rage on me?” She apologizes for not doing the proper thing. He laughs and says, “Come, we’ll count my mistakes,” adding, “I came to drop you off and thought about your comfort, I loved you.” She claims she came to apologize, that you were wrong to purchase those items, that she doesn’t want any special treatment, and that she is concerned about what everyone will think. He says I’m useless and aimless; I adore you; what should I do? Should I enter politics or pursue an MBA? She says, don’t say that, our fathers aren’t wrong, you can do whatever you want, but we have to settle, so do what you want. He says he’ll do it without you lecturing him. She adds, “Fine, I came to apologize.” She performs sit-ups. Adi invites her to return home. She swears she won’t leave until you forgive her. He tells you to just go. He contacts Mayank and requests that he transport Kavya home. He seizes her. She says I’m not going anywhere, so leave my hand or I’ll yell. He puts a halt to her. He binds her up and drags her away.

Kavya informs Amanpreet about the informant. She follows him and is imprisoned in the cold storage. Adi searches for her. Kavya cries out for assistance.