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The episode begins with Kavya awakening and noticing Adhiraj. He also awakens. She inquires as to your purpose for being here. He jokes that he has abducted you and must contact your father for ransom. She continues, “Payal is always fighting with me; I came here to sit because I thought there was a VIP here; bye.” He requests that she wait. She wonders why you’re come. He cracks jokes and laughs. She claims I was missing family for two days, however… I really miss them. He says your father, correct? She inquires as to what. He doesn’t say anything, and you prefer to murmur in your sleep. You should have woken me up, she says. I have a solution for this stress, he says, noodles. She also mentions noodles. The man is making the noodles. Adhiraj says I’ll just show up. He left when the noodles were cooked, according to her. He gathers the music speakers and buddies. Kavya beams. They’re all noodle-y. Payal apologizes and asks, “Where have you been all night?” On the road, Kavya says. Adhiraj is signed by her. She apologizes, saying she was away from family. Payal claims that I apologized first.

Karan approaches and inquires whether you are partying alone. He obtains the cold beverages. Adhiraj says your worries are as cute as your teddy bear jammies, and he invites you to dance with him. She declines. He claims I was questioning Payal. They are all dancing. Richa claims that Adhiraj planned everything for you, that he has done a lot for you, that he is a wonderful guy, and that he is also hot, which is an impossible combination. Kavya considers Shubh.

I don’t want to waste time, she says. Richa responds, “Calm down, we all need some love.” Kavya smiles and says, “You’re right.” Remember, women have power, says Richa. Adhiraj invites Kavya to a dance. Kavya does a dance. She takes his hand in hers and thanks him. He says it’s fine; you can sleep on my bed whenever you want. She inquires about your background. He claims that I live in the present. She claims that you behave a lot, that you are smart, that you have always helped me, that you aren’t terrible, that you are hiding something, and that you aren’t bad. He says nothing; I’m a simple man who doesn’t get along with my father. She replies, “Fine.” She claims you are not an anti-hero. He inquires about the broken wall. She asks him to go to bed.

She is studying while smiling. The trekkers observe the waterfall. Kavya calls her parents who are on call in the morning. She runs into Jaideep. She takes the file and apologizes to her uncle, I mean Sir. They notice Jaideep. Phones are not permitted in the academy corridors, according to Jaideep. She apologizes. He walks away. She claims Jaideep is the new course director. So Gauri said, according to Anjali. Rajeev inquires whether he said anything negative or insulting to you. Kavya reflects. She tells them everything is OK. She rushes up to Jaideep and requests to view the Basant Khedi project. Everyone goes for the trekking. Kavya is perplexed. Rajeev is concerned. Anjali instructs him to think positively. Your dedication to work, according to Jaideep, is admirable; but, the timing is incorrect; OTs must go trekking today, which you overlooked. Ms. Sinha inquires if you checked the trek menu. Kavya declines. You are late, according to Jaideep, because the journey will determine who is qualified for the Basant Khedi project. Richa instructs Kavya to get ready and arrive as soon as possible. Kavya dashes into her room.

Adhiraj believes the bus will depart if Kavya does not arrive on time. He appears ill and adds, “I have a leg cramp, please stop the bus.” Jaideep launches a box at him. Adhiraj grabs it. According to Jaideep, this bus will not stop for anyone. The bus departs. Jaideep believes that you cannot visit Basant Khedi.

Precap: Jaideep exploits Kavya’s flaw. Kavya sobs as she recalls Navya’s incident. She screams as she slides down the cliff.