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The episode begins with Jaideep explaining that you need time and distance to cope with your sister’s death, so take a year off and get emotionally strong before returning; the academy isn’t going anywhere, so take a break. Kavya sobs as she recalls Shubh’s remarks. She claims that if I had to take a break, I would not have damaged myself, that I am emotional, that I take things personally, that my Guru taught me that age does not define competence, but capability defines age, and that I will not go anywhere. He says you may go, take your name back from those eight people, and the matter will be fixed. Kavya claims that her Guru never taught her to lose, that she made a mistake, and that the report will be delivered to her desk. She sobs and walks away.

She runs into Adhiraj. He cracks a joke. Don’t mess with me today, she says. Sanjeev wonders why you’re after that girl and if there’s anything in it for him. Adhiraj receives Giriraj’s phone call. Giriraj informs me that I have some work to do, that there is a party meeting, and that I would like both of my sons to attend. Adhiraj claims I’m not at home. Giriraj inquires, “What’s the problem?” I will send the automobile or helicopter.

Adhiraj challenges him and ends the call. Sanjeev recognizes Adhiraj and informs him that he is Siddharth of Rang De Basanti. Adhiraj becomes enraged. Sanjeev suggests that you become a tragedy hero so that you can remain joyful. Adhiraj promises us cool beer. According to Sanjeev, it is not permitted here. Kavya remembers her sister. She recalls Jaideep’s comments. On the phone, she speaks with Rajeev. He says, “Don’t be afraid, you are my brave child.” He requests that Kavya speak with Anjali. Anjali says, “I knew it,” since she can’t be alone without Shubh. Kavya responds, “I’m fine; I have an assignment; we’ll talk later.” Payal collapses. Kavya inquires as to how you fell and expresses her regret. Payal chastises her. Kavya receives a phone call. She apologizes and assists Payal. Payal picks up Kavya’s phone and answers it. She tells me it’s my chance to fight Kavya. Shubh wonders what this is. Payal claims that no man will assist you here. Kavya leaves the room. Payal shuts the door behind her. Kavya dials Shubh’s number. He wonders who that girl was. She says, “I’m glad you called; I’ve been missing you a lot.” He claims you misbehaved with your father once more. He chastises her.

She continues, “I know you’re shocked by your failure; focus on your studies; if you don’t pass this time, you won’t be able to tolerate it.” She hangs up the phone. She requests that Payal open the door. Payal is adamantly opposed. Kavya responds, “Fine, everyone has turned against me because I came here on my own; don’t talk to me, I don’t need anyone.” She walks into an open room. She sips water. She sobs. On the phone, Jaideep speaks with Giriraj. Giriraj expresses his congratulations, saying, “You are taking the officers to Basant Khedi, who takes the pain in training program, and I will be glad if you choose my son for the project, he is capable.” Jaideep inquires if your son is present. Giriraj claims that Adhiraj Pradhan is his son. Adhiraj and Sanjeev enter the room. Adhiraj is fast asleep. Kavya is dozing off on the bed. Adhiraj is taken aback when he sees her. He requests that Sanjeev accompany him to see the girl. He inquires as to how she arrived here. Sanjeev inquires whether she is living or dead. Adhiraj confirms her existence and asks why she is here. Sanjeev claims she would have come looking for you. Adhiraj says, “Let her sleep, listen to me, you look after her, I’m tired, I’ll return.” No, Sanjeev responds, you take care. He flees to sleep. Adhiraj inquires as to where I intend to sleep. Adhiraj walks over to the other side. He notices Kavya. Kavya takes his hand in hers and murmurs, “Papa…” He trips and falls. Jaideep apologizes for not knowing about your son. Giriraj says, “Teach him well, develop him, and I will be grateful if you take him.” Jaideep responds, “sure, I’ll see what I can do.” Giriraj thinks you’re wise. Kavya makes a pledge to her father. Adhiraj notices her.

Kavya travels to the village. Hearing about the medical hoax makes her nervous. Kavya becomes dizzy. She plummets off the cliff.