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The episode begins with Jaideep requesting that Kavya address him as Sir rather than uncle. He mocks her. He motions for her to take a seat. He says he’d like to learn your biography and motivations. He requests that Richa speak first. I want to tell everyone not to judge a book by its cover, adds Richa. Anuja and everyone explain their motivations. Jaideep begs Adhiraj to say something. Adhiraj claims, “I don’t know what my motives are; some people should be left alone.” Jaideep requests that Kavya explain her motivation. Kavya is concerned. Jaideep believes she became quiet. Kavya claims that she had a childhood aspiration of becoming an IAS officer. He says it out loud. She claims it’s because I… He inquires whether your voice is feeble or courageous enough to speak openly. Kavya claims that when my elder sister… Jaideep suggests that you give yourself additional time to prepare, whether it’s a week, a month, or a year. He takes the microphone away from her and taunts her.

He addresses and encourages everyone. He explains that the trainee who completes a difficult assignment will receive this shield, that your rural visit is important, that 8 Ots will be picked, that you will be reconstructing that community, and that I wish you all the best for your training. Everyone applauds.

From then, everyone departs. Kavya takes the stage and explains her motivations. She sobs as she recounts her sister’s suicide. She says she wants to be an IAS and a voice for everyone. Peon notices her and applauds. She beams. She notices her sister applauding. Jaideep informs Ms. Sinha of Basant Khedi. He says the village has a history, and the people don’t trust the government. I believe this visit will be a genuine test for our OTs, and I want to see if they can bring about change in this village. Everybody gets up early. Kavya tires of jogging. Jaideep notices her. Karan says we need to hurry and obtain seats for the village tour. Jaideep dials Gauri’s number. She thinks you’ve come up with a fantastic plan. He claims that Kavya learned a lot from him, but not how to manage her emotions; he believes she will return to Shubh. She claims you want to be her Bahu. He claims Shubh is heartbroken and has lost courage, that he will not pass next year, and that Kavya must lose in order for him to win. Everyone expresses their thoughts to Ms. Sinha. Ms. Sinha believes that we must find solutions, citing the rural initiative in Basant Khedi. Kavya is taken aback.

According to Ms. Sinha, you OTs will be chosen depending on your performance. Kavya exits the classroom. She approaches Jaideep and inquires as to why he is doing this and why he chose Basant Khedi. Jaideep does not pay attention. I’m your uncle, so I’m telling you, you can’t do it, Kavya. He says we’ll disregard the protocol for a little.

Kavya travels to the village. Hearing about the medical hoax makes her nervous. Kavya becomes dizzy. She plummets off the cliff.