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The episode begins with Jaideep arriving at the academy and being greeted. Kavya makes friends with her roommate. They dress in sarees. Aashayein…plays… Kavya and everyone attend the convocation ceremony. Adhiraj brightens when he sees her. She overhears a peon ask, “How shall I get the money?” She inquires as to why you are concerned. He says nothing; it’s my last day here, you’ll be late, leave; it’s your big day, leave. Richa appears and invites Kavya to join her in order to secure the finest seats. Kavya recalls her intention. If any OT does not arrive at the hall, Jaideep advises closing the door; OTs should understand the importance of time. Meher invites Kavya in. Kavya requests that you save a seat for me. Kavya enters with a smile. She claims I left Shubh to come here. She imagines herself as her sister. Adhiraj communicates with his mother via video conference. She claims that everything is the same, that everyone here has a mobile phone, and that you didn’t have a camera in your time. She claims I had one, which my father had purchased for me. He asks her to recall the precise moment when she became the first woman OT in the top 50, rank 10, Malini Kumar IAS, and how she felt seeing me here. She says something extremely lovely. Giriraj inquires if you learned anything there. He becomes impolite. She requests that he congratulate Adhiraj. Adhiraj cracks a joke.

Giriraj wishes you well as you grow into a man. He requests that Malini visit the academy. Adhiraj claims that he is doing this for you. She says, “I wish you would do something for me.” He meets Kavya and says, “Perhaps the system changed as a result of one of the OT, bye Maa, love you.” Richa requests that Kavya smile for a selfie. Adhiraj requests that Kavya smile. Kavya claims that this is only the journey, not the destination. She goes to see the old peon. The peon adds, “I’m helpless, I can’t give you a good education, don’t cry.” Kavya inquires if she may assist you. Peon tells you to go because the program is about to begin. She inquires as to what transpired. He invites her to accompany him. He says you’ll be late, so leave.


She says, “You’re like my Mama; I’ll share your grief; tell me what I can do for you.” He describes himself as “amazing.” She inquires as to what transpired. He says my daughter is bright; I enrolled her in a local school; I have a large ambition for her to become a big officer; but, the school is charging fees, it is the last day, and I am unable to pay. She claims that dreams have no boundaries. She inquires about the name of the school. She discusses Naina with the principal. The principal does not pay attention. Kavya is called inside by the academy’s head. Kavya requests that she assist the peon financially. She claims that now that I’ve here, it’s my obligation to assist. The lady says you should learn first, come with me, the director is on time. Kavya suggests that we assist Rajeshwar/peon. She speaks with the principal once more. Kavya is being waited for by the lady. According to Kavya, you must analyze the case of the CAD employee. Ms. Sinha kicks off the convocation. Kavya persuades the principal and expresses gratitude. Jaideep inquires whether all of the trainees have arrived. Everyone, except Ms. Kavya Bansal, according to Ms. Sinha. Jaideep says there is no room for latecomers, so close the doors. Kavya declares that the work is completed. She is blessed by the peon. Kavya says it’s my job, so I’m here. Peon advises you to move quickly since you should have the upper hand. Kavya takes off running. She smiles as she sees her sister happy. Kavya, according to Adhiraj, is missing. Kavya takes off running. The doors are closed. She is sobbing as she sits. Adhiraj steps out and opens the door. He asks if the assignment is over and invites them in. He invites her inside. Jaideep shows up. Kavya is taken aback when she sees him. She trips and falls. She remembers his remarks.



Kavya states, “I want to be an IAS.” Jaideep intends to demolish Kavya. Kavya becomes aware of the project. She inquires as to why he is acting in this manner. He requests that she accept defeat.