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The episode begins with Rajeev and Anjali arriving to meet with Gauri. The servant invites them to sit outdoors and then calls for madam. When you attain your goals, Adhiraj wonders if you came here to settle down. You are a topper, according to Kavya. No, rank 9, he replies. Why didn’t you tell me, she queries. Say that once when he adds, “I supported you and helped you by getting the file.” Thanks, Kavya says. He is identified as SRK by a female who sees him. Acting like SRK, he. You’re serious, Adhiraj replies; you realize your aspirations, and I’ll realize mine. He leaves. Gauri arrives and inquires as to your purpose; I was unaware that you were all present and will be attending their lesson. She requests the servant bring the breakfast. Tea and snacks are delivered by the staff. Gauri mocks the group.

Pay these bills, she asks, as the engagement has since broken even though we wanted to do everything for our bahu. The lengthy bills cause them concern. When Kavya notices the damaged wall, she asks the peon. He claims that one day you’ll understand why. She enters her room to look around. Upon meeting Richa. She notices her bedroom. Adhiraj surveys his space. His father contacts him and inquires about how the room, which is fully furnished with electronics, went. You think you have the right to make decisions, Adhiraj argues, because you forced me to leave my mother. Giriraj says, “Make me proud and become an IAS officer. I gave you this intelligence.” A man arrives and enjoys the spaciousness. My dad made this room bigger, according to Adhiraj. The man claims that you were referred to this location. Says Adhiraj, “No.” Karan enters and claims nepotism and dad’s authority. On Karan, Sanjeev makes fun. I’m Adi, says Adhiraj, can you stay in my VIP suite. Sorry Karan, I’ll stay here, replies Sanjeev. Okay, take a nap; good thing I have my own room, says Karan. Peon arrives and explains the ritual. He claims that you must go there for convocation. Kavya becomes animated. Ricca leaves. Gauri and Anjali dispute. Kavya presents her roommate with a saree. I’ve never stayed at a hostel, but I’ve heard they’re enjoyable. She claims it will suit you better and that we should be friends. Kavya decides to phone Anjali and request assistance. Anjali and Rajeev object to paying the bill. Regarding Kavya breaking the engagement, Shubh intervenes. Kavya’s call is taken by Anjali. Are you at Shubh’s house, inquires Kavya. Anjali said that they want us to pay a bill for 2.5 lakhs. Gauri yells at them.


Jaideep visits the school. Shubh jeers at them. You have no right, claims Kavya, to disparage my parents. You offended me, according to Shubh. Kavya says I’ll cover the expense. Gauri reprimands her. Kavya responds to them. She claims that because I was chosen for the IAS, no one can steal my dream. Anjali sobs. I’ll use my wages to settle the debt, according to Kavya. Shubh terminates the phone call. He takes off the ring and retains it. He departs. Kavya beams.



Jaideep claims, “I am aware of Kavya’s frailties, and she will return in two days.” Kavya learns about the new initiative and is reminded of her sister’s suicide.